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Mother's Day Memories

On my first Mother's Day I was about eight weeks pregnant. I'm not sure if that even counts as being my first since my new little life was safely tucked inside me. We had a rabbit who we considered our baby, though, so at least we had a live something that needed care and attention. I don't remember what we did on that first Mother's Day nor do I remember what happened the following year when we were able to hold, feed, change and love our little girl. My husband had the view many men have when 'our' day comes around- "You're not my mother!" I know some wives that would be extremely upset if their husbands said that to them but then, and now, every day for me was Mother's Day. For me, it didn't matter. I was just happy for his part in me being able to become a mommy!

My favorite gifts have been the homemade ones that the kids make at school. As they got older and wanted to do more for me, my husband started taking them out for a few hours to give me some peace and quiet. While they're out they visit Lowe's to buy flowers that I can plant and enjoy every day. He also buys lunch and dinner which we enjoy at home because facing the Mother's Day crowds at restaurants with a family of six isn't my idea of an enjoyable way to spend 'my day.'

The hardest Mother's Day for me was after my son passed away. Jacob died the day he was born, February 6th 1996. He had Trisomy 18 which is a chromosome disorder. Three months later, the pain still raw, I was supposed to celebrate being a mom. I spent a lot of that day in tears but also rejoicing in the fact that I had a beautiful, healthy two year old who adored her mommy. The vey next Mother's Day I had a three month old gift from God. I suppose He knew what I needed and when.

This year will also be a difficult year for me, although not as painful as the one in 1996. My oldest is in her second year of college and was able to come home last year. This year she has to work so for the first time in 20 years I won't be able to spend the day with her. I know I'll be taken care of by her three siblings and my husband who eventually left the "You're not my mother" mentality behind.

I have been a mommy five times over and am truly blessed with each gift of life God placed in my hands. Yes, it's nice to receive a little extra attention once a year but my kids make me feel like it's Mother's Day every day.

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