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How Will She Grow Up?

I’m spending what is left of my Friday night in bed with my laptop listening to the 90's music channel on my TV. Isn’t it crazy how a song can take you so far back? You feel the way you felt, smell the things you used to smell, think about the things you use to think and…Wow, if I only knew then what I know now.

It makes me think a lot about my daughter and what she’ll be like as a teenager. Will she have as many great memories as I have? Will she have as many regrets? Will she let the silly things that she’ll never remember years later get to her? Will she always know how beautiful she is, inside and out, no matter what other people say or think of her?

Sienna is just 6 days shy of being 6 months old and here I am wondering what she’ll be like 13 years from now – in the year 2027 (woah). I just can’t help feeling like I need to prep myself for those years. I need to think about the things that I know my mom never thought about. I am very fortunate to have the parents I have. Especially, when I was a teenager. There were a lot of things I didn’t see then that I clearly see now and a part of me hopes for Sienna to avoid that to an extent. I know doing and learning is just a part of life and I definitely don’t want her to miss out on her own opportunities and mistakes. It’s just that I don’t want to be the because-I-said-so-mom. (Then again, she is ½ me so there’s a really good chance that reasoning with her may not work.)

I can only hope that “because I said so” isn’t my initial response and that she’ll want to listen to whatever wisdom I can offer her. I can only hope that Sienna realizes the many opportunities before her and the advice that will always be available to her. I can only hope my husband and I raise her to learn from and appreciate the wisdom of the people that have been there, done that and wouldn’t do it again or would have taken those leaps of faith if given the chance.

If you’ve ever watched The Office, one of Andy’s last lines in the show was “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’ days before you’ve actually left them.” I love that line. Someday I’ll look back on these days I’m living and remember them as the good ol’ days. I know I will because every day I wakeup so truly grateful for the life I am living. However, I can’t help but look back on the 90s/early 2000s, feel the nostalgia and somehow wish I could go back for just a little while. Just to relive a few moments and maybe undo a few others.

About the Author D_Elise:

My name is Debbie and I live in Tampa with my husband and daughter. My passion is meeting new people and planning events. I am a SAHM, but recently started working with Stella & Dot for fun. My husband and I are originally from New Jersey and moved to Tampa with his job in 2011. We love it here! You can read more about me on my blog at

Debbie is a guest columnist and contributor to and one of our amazing members! To learn how to become a contributor to our site please email!

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