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SAHM Attire

SAHM's get a bad rap for sitting around all day watching soaps, eating bon bons and dropping their kids off at school in their pajamas. We are so diverse that we simply don't fall into just one category of "mom". We have days where we want (or need) to look put together and days when attire simply doesn't matter (or we just don't give a damn).

Gone are the days where moms have their hair done, pearls on and starched dresses to run to the grocery store or bake a pie.

With the big fitness craze our country has been on in the last several years you see more and more moms in their workout gear at various times of the day. They show their kids that mom is taking time to get fit while they're at school. They don't mind hitting the grocery store afterward and wear those sweat stains proudly at kid pick up.

Oohhh the trendy moms. They're usually in a cute pair of jeans, a classy top with necklaces or bracelets to accessorize. Some times they're in an adorable dress. Those are usually the ones that are often easy to approach because you can always walk up to them and say, "I love your shoes!"


Speaking of trendy. Yoga pants are as popular as ever and are muffin top friendly. Some of these moms don't even do yoga. They just like the comfort of the pants. And who wouldn't? Most of them pair their yoga pants with a long t-shirt or sweatshirt- some opt for something that shows off their "assets." Rule of thumb, when buying yoga pants, try them on in a dressing room. Bend over. If you can see your panties or crack, buy a thicker pair or make sure you always have a long shirt on!

Sweatpant moms, in general, have many days where they are so busy with their schedules they prefer to just toss on a pair of sweatpants, a shirt, throw their hair up and head out the door. These are often the moms who, in the morning, had their pajamas on. They're lucky they found clean sweats and a bra to adorn when they have to get out of the car to take their kids to activities.

I most cases, I believe many women are a mixture of all of the above. Some days we have time to look in the mirror, apply a little mascara, lip gloss and grab a cute necklace. Certain days we wake up ready to get fit and healthy and head to the gym. Other days we barely get out of bed much less stop to look in the mirror.

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