The Pebble and the Ripple

My thoughts are scatterbrained. I can be thinking about one thing and 30 seconds later I am on some completely different thought. Tonight I was thinking about how grateful I am for the company I work for. I have had to take time off from being a Pure Romance consultant for family issues but recently started doing parties again. I started composing a message in my head to our Vice President of training and off my thoughts went. I'm so grateful that my company gave me a refund for World Conference when I let them know I would be unable to attend due to my mother-in-law being diagnosed with breast cancer in May. I started thinking about how I never would have found Pure Romance if my spon

Do you really know how Facebook works?

I personally have very mixed feeling about Facebook. I love that it helps me connect and share with people online, but I hate that it has caused many people to use it as a way to stay in touch as opposed to more personal means (visiting, calling and even texting thanks to the new messenger app). From a professional standpoint, it's great for connecting in a new arena with my members and potential new members, sponsor and supporters but it also has caused internet users to get even lazier. Now people don't go to sites in lieu of going to a Facebook page. This site, in particular, has doubled its activity thanks to Facebook, but the convenience of posting on Facebook is too enticing to turn do

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