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Why You Should Consider Getting Your Kid a 3D Printer

If you’re trying to think of a unique and interesting gift for your child, whether for a holiday, their birthday, or another reason, a 3D printer makes for a superb gift. Below, we’ll explain why you should consider getting your kid a 3D printer, from bonding opportunities to nurturing creativity.

Develop Enthusiasm for STEM Subjects

The STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all core elements of a well-rounded education for your child, and excelling at them while young will lay a strong foundation for their future education. While we all want our kids to succeed in these vital subjects, developing an enthusiasm for STEM can be difficult.

One way to make these subjects more interesting is with a physical, hands-on learning tool like a 3D printer. By using 3D printers to create, kids also learn core STEM concepts and see the exciting results of learning that can foster a love for STEM subjects for the rest of their education.

Nurture Creativity

Another reason you should consider getting your kid a 3D printer is that while it’s excellent for developing STEM enthusiasm, it also helps to nurture creativity. With a 3D printer, a whole new world of art opens up for kids with a tool that presents practically unlimited creative possibilities.

With a 3D printer, kids can bring their ideas to life like never before and get their creative juices flowing. A 3D printer is a rare machine that inspires users to think scientifically and creatively.

Familiarize Them With Technology

Another benefit of getting your child a 3D printer is that it introduces them to complex technology at an early age that they may come across as adults. Just like introducing kids to computers and other technology helps them prepare for our modern, digital world, so does working with a 3D printer at a young age.

While 3D printers may never become as prevalent as computers, they’re likely to become tools and machines used often in many industries, from education to automotive and manufacturing. Giving your kids some basic experience with such a valuable tool could pay dividends years later.

Bonding Opportunities

If you’re looking for unique ways to bond with your child, a 3D printer is an excellent opportunity to foster a shared interest for both of you. Learning the ins and outs of 3D printers and experimenting with models and designs is a great way to bond with your child.

There are plenty of simple 3D printing projects to try with your kids, like toys and basic models, and as you get more comfortable with the print, you can both expand your horizons. You and your kid can create memories and develop a hobby you can share for the rest of your lives.

Whether you want to give your kid a leg up in school and modern technology or spend more time with your child, a 3D printer is a brilliant tool.


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