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What Kinds Of Methods Can CBD Be Consumed In?

The way you consume your cannabinoids says a lot about you! Every person has a preference, especially if they are seasoned users. While novice cannabis enthusiasts may think there are only one or two ways to consume the herb, there are actually more than ten! What’s more? Not all of them are based on vapor, which makes it an entirely different ballgame. For those interested in exploring their options regarding cannabis consumption, this blog will introduce you to the most popular selections, clubbed into five different categories. Excited to find out? Let’s jump right into it!

1) Buds and rolled joints: The most conventional and old-school method of consuming cannabis strains is by lighting up a joint or bud. These can either be rolled on your own, or bought as a pre-rolled blunt if you find it tedious to sort, clean, and roll your joints. For a good reason, this method is known as the classic. It is easy, accessible, and delivers the desired effects quickly. When there are none of the other fancier options, people always resort to this method of consumption.

2) Vape pens and e-cigarettes: Vapes and e-cigarettes are suitable for those who are either trying to wean off nicotine or cannot stand the smoke of a burning joint. Made with a mechanism that delivers water vapor along with a CBD-infused vape juice, this device is the new generation's favorite method of CBD consumption. Available in a lot of flavors and concentrations, these are efficient, refillable, or disposable, and do not leave behind any odor clinging to your clothes.

3) Bongs, beakers, and diffusers: For those who love to take their blends and cannabis smoking up sessions to the next level, bongs are a fan favorite. Made of heavy-duty online headshop glass, these beakers and diffusers are excellent devices that can help you smoke the vapor of a cannabis strain without being harsh on your lungs. They have a mechanism where the smoke gets filtered by water, thus giving you pure concentrate vapor that has substantially cooled down.

4) Skin patches and topicals: If you’re using cannabis for medical reasons like pain and inflammation, or cannot use direct flower strains based on your surroundings, skin patches are a great option. Applied like a band-aid on your skin at an obscure location, these act like a great spot treatment, seeping the CBD extracts through your skin to provide its benefits. However, these may take about 15-20 minutes to show the effect as it is not direct consumption.

5) Edibles and infusions: Last but not least, edibles like gummies, toffees, chocolates, and juices are a few of the products that make a great addition to parties. If your buddies are just as big fans of cannabinoids as you, introducing them to brownies, juices, and other such confections is a great idea. However, these too take time to work their effect. So make sure you stick to the recommended doses no matter how delicious they are!

Wrapping Up:

With the help of the little guide above, you’ll be able to find which product calls to you the most. If you’re a novice, we advise you to start from vapes or gummies and then move to the classics. It will give you more control over the use and dosage while you experiment.

*The information and opinions presented by content contributors is their own and does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of TBMG.


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