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Ways To Build Sustainable Habits This Year

Living sustainably is easier said than done if you’ve lived an excessive life or never put much thought or effort into it. With willpower and hard work, you can achieve it, but there will be hurdles.

There are many ways to live sustainably, so do what you can at first and then build upon that. If you’re still looking for ways to build sustainable habits this year, we have assembled a list of a few methods you can try to get your feet on the ground and start something beautiful.

Vegetarian Nights

To start simple, you might consider having vegetarian meals a few days out of the week. This will help your overall health and the environment by cutting back on consumption. If you go slow with it, you can build up your momentum and ease your way into having vegetarian meals two to three nights per week.

Use Reusable Items

The less we waste, the more impact we make on the world. These days, there are more ways than ever to do our part and make a difference ecologically. Many people have started the movement of using reusable bottles when out in the world so that they aren’t constantly consuming products that create trash. If you’re on the go, you might also consider carrying an insulated lunch bag since they’re better for your health and cut back on waste.

Now more than ever, people use recycled materials to make things like clothing, parts for building things, and anything you can imagine. So take advantage of this and buy recycled items whenever you can.

Bus or Bike

Petroleum is always high, no matter what the signs may say. It’s the most common way that we pollute our planet with oil drilling and emissions of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. One solution to this is to walk when you can, but you can also use the transit system provided by your local government if you have one. And if you don’t, try to bike wherever you can go. Some bikes even keep up with cars and trucks with no problem.

Conserve Utilities

Another way to maintain a sustainable lifestyle is by conserving your utilities at home. Try not to leave the lights and fans on in rooms that you aren’t using. Change out all your bulbs from traditional to LED bulbs that will last for years without replacing and use a low wattage. Also, pay attention to the water that you’re using and cut back when you can. You will be doing the planet a real solid effort at making things right.

There are tons of ways to build sustainable habits this year. Half the battle is beginning them and continuing to do the work. You can get as creative as you want with it as you do your part.


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