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Toddler essentials you need as your baby grows older

So your baby is now a toddler; I bet you didn't think that would happen so quickly! They have now become more independent, curious, playful, and daring. As a parent, you want to ensure your sunshine gets all the essentials to help them stay safe and comfortable as they explore their environment and journey through this development phase.

To make your search effortless, we've culled out some essentials you will need as the parent of a toddler below:

1. Convertible car seats

As your baby grows older, they'll surely outgrow their infant car seat and feel less comfortable in them; this is where a convertible car seat comes in. For more safety, it's recommended to allow your toddler to ride rear-facing for longer. And since convertible car seats typically have greater height and weight limits for the rear-facing setting, they support longer rear-facing rides.

2. Toddler outfits

From pajamas to mini dresses, your sunshine needs a new collection of beautiful and airy clothing to enjoy every moment. You might want to check out a children’s boutique to select a wide range of clothing styles and designs for your toddler.

Remember that your kid will need as much playtime as they can get at this stage, so make sure to minimize your stress by choosing fabrics that are easy to clean in your washer.

3. Educational Toys

Toddlers are playful and curious and constantly learn about themselves and their environment. One of the best ways to educate your toddler while helping them have fun is by getting them educational toys.

Whether they are wooden alphabetical toys, nest and stack shapes, supermarket groceries sets, or toy fruit sets, your toddler will have a wonderful time playing and learning from these toys. Plus, toddler toys can help keep your kids engaged while you get some extra time for yourself.

4. Strollers

Caring for your little one while running personal and family errands can be quite challenging. You want to make your everyday life as convenient as you can, and strollers can make much difference in your parenting.

Imagine how stressful life will be if you have to carry your toddler or walk at their pace; quite tiring! However, with strollers, you can easily take a walk in the neighborhood without worrying about stressing yourself and your kid.

Also, strollers help keep your child safe, particularly when you're outdoors.

5. Convertible high chair

High chairs help your toddler in several ways, including learning eating habits, providing comfort and safety while eating, developing good posture, etc.

Plus, they can help keep your child more stable, allowing you to get more distraction-free time in the cookhouse.

Wrapping up

Ensuring your child is comfortable and happy is one of the best things you can do as a parent. And there are many items designed to help you achieve that.

In addition to the above, items like bed rail, tiny utensils, and potty training seats can also help your toddler feel more comfortable and happier. You may also include a diaper bag, placemats, blankets, and pillows, especially if you spend some time outdoors.

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