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Tips for Introducing the Piano to Your Kids

You can likely remember a time in your adolescence when you felt like your parents were forcing you to do a sport, play an instrument, or try a new hobby. When you feel an overbearing presence pushing you to do something, finding joy in that something can come as quite a challenge. That's the case, even if the hobby is something you would have greatly enjoyed. That's likely why you are wondering about the best ways to introduce the piano to your kids so they can find the joy in it themselves.

Keep It Low Stakes

One thing that can become a significant detriment to your child playing piano is your insistence and pressure on it. When you make it overtly clear how much you want your child to play the piano, they will feel that burden on their shoulders. That may even push them away from ever touching this wonderful instrument. As such, try to keep your interest and hope at low levels and ensure your child there's no punishment for not wanting to play. Utilizing this strategy will allow them to find the joy and excitement in the keys.

Listen to Piano Music

The best thing you can do if you're trying to introduce the piano to your kids is to actually play piano music. They won't be able to develop any natural intrigue for this instrument if they rarely hear its stunning chords and notes. Thankfully, a plethora of piano music is available for you to play for your children. The best part is that you can add piano music to your bedtime routine. The calming melodies will relax your children and lull them into a peaceful sleep.

Start Simple

Once your children have developed an interest in the piano, they might want to start learning how to play. When this occurs, it's important that you start slow and simple; otherwise, they might feel overwhelmed and quit. As such, you'll want to start with easy songs for piano beginners to learn. For example, consider the song "Happy Birthday," it's recognizable, easy to learn, and entices them to keep going.


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