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The Dos and Don’ts of Caring for Twin Babies

Babies require your full attention, but two need double the care. It seems unnerving to take care of two babies at once, but keep an open mind and approach caring for the twins as an adventure and not a challenge. That’s mainly because you get to watch two babies grow with each other, together with mom. Let’s relax today with a cup of tea and learn the dos and don’ts of caring for twin babies.

Do Keep the Twins in Separate Cribs, Not Rooms

You might find it wise to keep twins in separate rooms, but that’s not a good idea. Twins bond the most as infants, and keeping them in different rooms could ruin that. Plus, it may set off one twin if they don’t know what the other’s cry sounds like.

Instead of separate rooms, you can place babies in separate cribs. While separated, the babies are within earshot of each other, giving them a sense of what the other sounds like when laughing, crying, and babbling. Additionally, twins learn how to share when they’re in the same bedroom.

Do Ask For Help and Connect With Other Twin Parents

It’s easy to falsely assume that no one’s going to be there for you. Let’s reshape your mindset by reminding yourself that asking for help is fine, especially since two babies are a handful. If you ever feel like you don’t have the help you need, reach out to family, friends, or a professional for help.

Don’t forget to connect with other twin parents. Twin parents of each age group have experienced what it’s like to raise two babies. They have insight, knowledge, and tips on approaching sickness, feeding, bonding, and ensuring that your twins are on the same schedule as you.

Don’t Buy Two of Everything

Many blogs tell you to buy two of everything, but it’s inaccurate. Buying doubles of diapers and bottles is okay, but it’s not the best for things like swings or bouncers, mostly because some infants may not like the motion of one.

You can worry about buying two of certain items when you’re shopping for the nursery. One tip is to plan the twins' nursery early and buy two cribs. Two cribs are better than one, allowing each infant to have their own space.

Don’t Panic, and Take a Deep Breath

Two babies are a lot of work, but don’t stress! Take a deep breath and process what you’re thinking right now. In fact, do this exercise: try identifying the five senses. Look for five things around you, and identify things you smell, taste, feel, and hear. From there, give someone close to you a call. Explain how you feel, ask for help, or plan an activity to go out with the babies.

Remember that you aren’t in this alone. Following the dos and don’ts of raising twins can help navigate this adventure of raising two babies.


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