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Riding Safety For Kids- Tips To Prep Your Horse

As an equine-loving parent, you will probably want to pass on the legacy to your children. Your kids may even have it in their genes, so they may want to get on horseback sooner than later. But you cannot take them to the field and let them ride on a whim. While the prospects may sound exciting, it requires some planning and preparation. In fact, prepping your horse for the experience should be on top of your mind to ensure riding safety for your kids. Let us share a few actionable tips to prepare your horse for handling young riders.

Choose wisely

Parents who want to pass on the riding legacy to their children must choose their horses wisely. Some equine species are ideal for young riders because they are less aggressive and smaller in size. Look for docile, obedient, and kind ones because they are inherently safer for kids. The good thing about miniature breeds is that a fall is likely to be less traumatic physically and mentally.

Start training early

Buying an ideal species puts you in a good place as you worry less about letting your kid ride safely. But you must start equine training early with a personalized colt horse development program. Avoid DIY and let an expert handle the training initiative because they know the challenges and inculcate the necessary discipline in the animal. The sooner you start with professional training, the better.

Know the triggers

Another tip to prepare your horse for keeping your kids safe while riding is to know its triggers. An equine is likely to be aggressive and uncomfortable when it encounters some stressful situations. Loud noise, fear, dominance, and pain are a few common triggers to watch out for. Ensure that the animal does not encounter them when taking a child for a ride because exposure to triggers can lead to a dangerous situation.

Cultivate trust

Another tip to train your horse for safe rides is to cultivate trust with the rider. The rule applies regardless of who rides the animal because good bonding with a pet fosters comfort. Talk softly and introduce your child to the equine to ensure they are comfortable with each other. You will surely feel more confident about leaving them on their own as a duo once they share an easy bond.

Prepare your kids

Preparing your kids for their first ride is as crucial as training the horse. You cannot expect things to work out if the child is apprehensive about riding, so do not insist until they are ready. Also, educate them about the rules of riding safety, and ensure they behave well with the animal. The horse may lose control if a young rider messes up with it, so ensure everyone is safe.

Riding safety is the most significant concern for parents letting their young ones try it for the first time. But you need not stress a lot about it if you prepare your equine and kids for their first time. Follow these tips to cover both fronts.


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