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How To Set The Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

Inviting friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner is one of life’s great pleasures, but you want to make sure that everything is ready when the day comes. There are a few things to consider when preparing your home for holiday guests.

From food to decorations, the list of items to attend to can seem daunting but fear not—you will be ready to go in no time with these tips. Here is a guide on how to set the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ensure That You Can Accommodate Every Guest

Before inviting everyone you know for Thanksgiving dinner, make sure that there will be enough seating, tablespace, plates, and silverware for everyone you invited already. For a typical Thanksgiving celebration, you need to have plenty of surface area to set out the food as well as space for guests to eat.

A folding table is a great accessory to have for these types of occasions. Otherwise, you can see if your table has extensions that add to its length. If too many guests say they’re swinging by, you can try having an outdoor party.

Use a Tablecloth or Runner With Placemats

You won’t impress your guests with a bare table, so dress it up with a tablecloth to make it appear more festive. Tablecloths are especially helpful for covering up any blemishes on your table that you don’t want guests to see.

However, if you are proud of your table, a table runner can serve a similar purpose while showing off the rest of the table. Placemats make cleaning up easier, but they might appear out of place if they don’t match your other décor.

Set Out the Tableware Neatly

Whether you use dazzling silverware or cost-effective plasticware, set it out neatly to please your guests. No matter which option you choose, ensure that everything matches to show that you’ve gone the extra mile in preparing this meal.

Put the plate in the center of each placemat or seating area with the dinner fork on the left of the plate and the knife on the right side. From there, put the salad fork beside the dinner fork on the left, and set the spoon to the right of the knife. Finally, fold cloth napkins, put one on each plate, and put a glass in front of the knife.

Place a Thanksgiving Centerpiece on the Table

To keep things festive for the holiday, why not add a seasonal centerpiece to set the mood? Some décor items to include on the table could be pinecones, antlers, or artificial pumpkins. In addition, a bouquet of leaves, autumn-colored flowers, and even a cornucopia with corn and squash can really accent the other table components.

Overall, don’t stress out too much with decorating. The food should be the main focus of your efforts. Now that you know how to set the table for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to let the celebration begin!


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