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How to Enjoy a Fun and Easy Vacation with Your Family

Do you have a family vacation coming up? If you’re about to take your first trip together as a family, it may seem a little overwhelming, but traveling with kids can be easy and fun. With the right preparation, your whole family can enjoy the vacation without a hitch, so take it slow, keep everyone well-fed and hydrated, and make sure to pack lots of activities for your children.

Service Your Car

If you’re planning a road trip, do everything you can to make sure your car is in tip-top shape. Have a mechanic check your tires, fluid, engine oil, and battery and make sure there aren’t any broken lights and that signals are working properly.

Prepare Your Business

If you’re a small business owner, you need to plan for your absence to ensure your business runs smoothly and so you can relax and enjoy your time off. Zenbusiness recommends that you alert clients and customers in advance and train employees on how to handle certain situations when you’re not around. For example, employees should know how to handle internet outages, what to do if your website goes down, and who to contact in case of emergency.

Take It Slow

If your last trip was a young couple, you may be used to rushing around to all the sites and trying to see everything. When traveling with kids, whether toddlers or teens, you’ll need to leave a bit more breathing room, and take it slow. When traveling with kids, leave an afternoon unplanned so you can enjoy the hotel pool or an unscheduled morning to sleep in and enjoy the park across the street. Your teens may want more freedom to explore the neighborhood on their own, so be sure to take it slow to protect everyone’s happiness.

Pack Snacks

Nothing makes kids crankier than hunger. Hangry kids make life hard for everyone, and when you’re traveling, it’s more important than ever to make sure your children are well-fed and hydrated. Kids can be picky eaters at home, and on trips, it can be difficult to know what they’ll eat or even when the next meal will be. Make sure you have a lot of snacks in the car, on the plane, and during your daily activities. A piece of fruit, some trail mix, or a protein bar for you and your children can save the afternoon and ensure everyone enjoys the day’s activities.

Have Things to Do in the Car

Whether you’re on a road trip or on a plane, all the hours sitting still can be boring for your children, and they’re more likely to be cranky or upset. Small toys and books are great for trips, and older kids like playing card games or travel games with the whole family. Always keep a small bag of activities in reserve. You can bring along a few new games, and when your children are getting fidgety, impress them with a new toy or activity they’ve never seen.

Get a Tablet Before Your Trip

Along with some games and activities, get a tablet before your trip to make the vacation more fun. These devices can be a lifesaver when your child has been in the car for a few hours and starting to get restless. A tablet can be loaded with a few games, e-books, TV shows, or movies, and it will keep your kids occupied in the car or the plane as they can use their favorite apps offline. Just make sure to keep your tablet protected with a durable case to avoid damage.

Unwind With a Staycation

When you live in Tampa, you don’t have to venture far to enjoy your vacation. Instead of hitting the road or skies, consider taking a staycation with your family. You can rent a vacation home near the beach, Busch Gardens, or the Florida Aquarium, which your kids are sure to enjoy. Most vacation homes come with fully equipped kitchens so you’ll be able to eat healthy and save on eating out.

Allow for Failure

When traveling with kids, keep in mind that things will go wrong. Every day won’t be the magical day you’ve imagined, and you may have to deal with an unexpected bathroom break, a temper tantrum, or a forgotten item of clothing. Accept that everything can’t be perfect, and enjoy all the ups and downs of the trip. Some of the worst moments will make the best stories, so don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t go quite right.

Vacations shouldn’t be stressful, so if you’re heading on an adventure with your family, be sure to plan ahead, take things slow, and keep lots of snacks on hand. Make sure each child has a small bag of activities for the car or plane, and get a tablet for those moments when you and your kids just need a break to have a fun and easy trip.

Whether you’re a new mom looking for support or local activities or just have a question, join the Tampa Bay Moms Group today!


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