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How Can Late Teens Empower Christianity?

The transition from childhood to adulthood brings lots of changes to the table. These changes are not just physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Consequently, children going through the state of “late adolescence” or “late teens” often find themselves in a state of confusion.

  • What should I do?

  • What is the purpose of my life?

  • How can I connect with myself?

  • How can I lead a better and connected life?

These are a few common questions that many late teens ask themselves on a daily basis. If you are also going through this phase or if you are a parent wishing to help their kids, this guide is for you.

Even with confused minds, teenagers are often filled with hope, love, interest, and dreams. By guiding them toward the path of faith and Christianity, they can live and lead an empowered life. Here’s how:

  • Begin The Journey To Discover God

Generally, people spend more time listening to others’ opinions about God, his greatness, and kindness. Understand that their opinions are based on their experiences and faith in the supreme power; thus, it includes biasness. In order to understand his kindness, you must discover and connect with him.

There are numerous ways to discover him. Such as by reading the bible, understanding his nature and character by listening to your inner voice, or through silent prayers. Likewise, one can learn about Carmelite Wyoming horarium to pray religiously and connect with him. Following an horarium or schedule will ensure that you stay upright on the chosen path and eliminate any possible distractions that might occur.

  • Discover Your Calling

When you start listening to the supreme power and abide by his words and teachings, you get to learn about your role in Christianity. Nevertheless, discovering the calling is easier said than done. You must indulge yourself in prayers, serve others, become a part of the community and teach others.

To put it simply, anything you might do in your late teens or even early twenties can be used for God’s glory. There is no such thing as “secular” or “sacred” when your sole purpose is to serve God. As stated in (1 Pet 2:9), “We are all a part of royal priesthood” whose aim is to offer worship, connect God to people and connect people to God. It would be best if you worked wholeheartedly to serve him.

  • Create A Spiritual Discipline

People often relate spiritual disciplines as a way to become a better version of themselves. However, it is also about connecting with God and adapting his teachings in real life. Bear in mind that he is NEVER unreachable to you; rather, it’s the path you have chosen to follow that may expand the distance or path to enlightenment.

It helps you formulate your values, connect with the community and look for ways leading to the betterment of others.

To Sum It All Up

Know that this time is quite precious and helps teens live and lead a life towards spiritual wellbeing and growth. So, it is critical to consider the few ways mentioned above to identify an individual’s true self and purpose and indulge in Christianity’s path.

*Please note the thoughts and opinions of our Content Contributors are their own and not necessarily representative of Tampa Bay Moms Group, it's staff of members.


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