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Home Maintenance: The Tasks You’re Forgetting To Do

As a new mom (or even seasoned vet), there may be a few tasks you’re neglecting due to having your hands full. Your home is your biggest asset and the place your family finds shelter and protection. It’s important to keep your home well-maintained to uphold a safe space for you and your family. Struggling with what tasks you need to get together? Continue reading.

Clean the Vents

Cleaning your vents is super important. When your vent filters are dirty, you and your babies are breathing in recirculated air filled with dead skin, debris, and other unwanted particles. Be sure to get your vents replaced with fresh, new filters. This will improve the air quality around your home and improve your overall health.

Filtering the Water

Maintaining your home’s water treatment system is one crucial home maintenance task you should add to your list. Water treatments filter out unwanted minerals from your water which affect your body, skin, clothes, and household items. The quality of your home’s water can even affect your family meals.

Pest Control

When was the last time you checked your walls for softness or addressed the holes in your home? Investing in pest control will keep your home’s foundation in check and ensure that sneaky pests aren’t deteriorating the frame. This is the home that shelters you and your family, so it’s important to make sure tiny little pests aren’t compromising its foundation.

Updating the Roof

With the summer in full swing, the rainy season is also in. Be sure to address any patches or holes in the roof that may cause leaks. These leaks can lead to damage to the structure of the home by eating up the wood or encouraging mold growth. Mold can be a significant issue for some, so it’s critical that you have the roofs patched up if they’re in need of fixing.

If you’ve forgotten major household tasks, use this list to get back on track and keep your home maintained and in optimal condition for you and your little ones.


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