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7 Fun Ways to Engage Your Kids during Spring Break

With bright sunshine and warm weather, spring is a fantastic time to enjoy the outdoors with your kids. And when the spring break comes around, your kids have all the time in the world for fun.

However, you may be running out of ideas. But you don't want it to be a boring holiday for your kids.

Not to worry; here are excellent fun activities that will keep your kids happy throughout spring break.

1. Play in nature

How wonderful is it to be able to go outdoors without wearing a snowsuit? Now you can play as much as you want in your backyard, enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Go on treasure hunts, play whatever games come to mind, or even camp in your backyard. And while at it, let your kids learn the names of the animals and plants sprouting all around you.

2. Read on the lawn

This is another great activity if you're unwilling to go to town just yet. Spread a blanket on your lawn or in the woods near you and read stories to your kids.

Let them explain what they understand from the story or forge their own stories.

3. Go to the playground

What kid doesn't love a good playground? With the schools shut down for the holidays, you bet your children are already missing the exciting play area in their school. So why not take them to one in your community where they'll get to meet other kids?

To make it even more unique, let your kids have some fun in eco-friendly playground equipment for a change. No metals; only recycled materials that will give your kids something new to talk about.

4. Stay giddy when it gets rainy

Why should a rainy day spoil your outdoor plans for the day? Instead, get some backup plan for an indoor fun time when it rains outside.

Some great options include:

  • Getting your kids to paint

  • Hanging paintings and other artworks on the wall

  • Engaging them in a creative writing activity

  • Telling stories about the rain.

5. Hit the road

What's better than a day trip? A trip during the day!

Jump in the car with your kids and never tell them where you're going. Let the suspense keep them thrilled as you take them to a nearby city or some decent attractions in your town. See some museums just like a mini vacation.

Or else, ask each child where they'd like to go. Then do a lottery, and whatever piece of paper you draw out, that's where you will all go.

6. Nurse a garden with your kids

Don't have a garden yet? Spring break is one of the best times to start one!

The ground has thawed, and nothing would be more beautiful than some color gracing the dirt. But what's more important is getting your kids involved.

Let them join you in planting and watering, as this will help them build a sense of empathy and responsibility towards living things.

7. Do some spring craft

Get the colors out and have the kids create beautiful flowers out of them. Or perhaps, have them make some birdhouses for the colorful birds returning from the South. Of course, anything that celebrates spring would be great.

Help your lovely kids beat the boredom this spring break with any or all of the above fun activities. Remember, you're never limited. So get creative and make remarkable memories with your young ones.


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