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3 Personal Wellness Tips for New Moms

Isn’t being a new mom one of the most exciting times in your life? It may not even be the first time you are a new mom but each new baby makes you a new mom as well! However, it is altogether too easy to get carried away in the excitement of it all and it comes to a point when you’ve just overdone your endurance. Stop for just a moment, mom! It’s time to take care of you so that you can spend that quality time with baby that you both so deserve. Here are some of the things you can be doing for yourself to keep both you and baby as healthy and comfy as possible.

1. Follow Doctor’s Orders

Any mother who has given birth more than once can tell you that no two birthing experiences are exactly alike. Sometimes baby will come wailing out into the wide, wide world almost as soon as you step foot in the labor department and other times you will be in labor for hours on end. Since most moms have different experiences, your doctor will advise you as to what you should or shouldn’t be doing when discharged to go home with that tiny little creature – perfection itself.

If the doctor prescribes core exercises to get that aching body back in shape, then that’s what you do. If not, those ‘temporary’ aches and pains may become more permanent. That being said, no one ever said that exercising won’t also be a little painful at first. Many new moms have found relief with a Theragun treatment just twice a day for two minutes each time. After working out, simply flick on the Theragun Prime and place it gently on the area you know will be aching by later in the day. This is a handy little gun that sends healing pulses into your muscles, thereby helping them to recover quicker.

2. Do Something Nice for You Every Day

Here you are doing your daily exercises to sculpt that body back to its pre-baby days and what do you do? You reach for that bowl of ice cream because you deserve it, right? You have been told to do something nice for yourself and this is as good as it gets. Wrong! Something nice might be to take a half hour nap with baby’s cradle next to you so that you can hear if little one wakes up while you’re asleep. They always do, don’t they? It’s like an internal alarm clock they come equipped with. When it gets too quiet, the alarm goes off. Maybe you can change the ringtone from cry to laughter?

3. Keep Tabs on Your Emotional State

As one last bit of advice, don’t forget to keep tabs on what you are feeling. Postpartum blues is a common syndrome and typically caused only by fluctuating hormones that naturally follow pregnancy and labor. If those hormones get terribly out of control, you may suffer depression. Even so, the good news is that they have treatments for the postpartum blues. Don’t let depression ruin this magical time between new mom and baby.

Bear in mind that you may have just the one baby in life or you may give birth to half a dozen. Each and every birth will bring you full circle to the ‘new mom’ arena and each and every one of those will differ from other births. You got this, now go get healthy!


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