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Granola Review

Savory Granola is exactly what the name says. Savory. From the moment I opened the bag, I loved it. I've never been a big granola person, only eating it in yogurt or as a bar. But I'm always willing to try new things!

I tried the Sweet and Spicy first. I grabbed a handful, popped it in my mouth and "Mmmmmm" went through my mind. This was quickly followed by, "Oh yeah! That's got a kick!" I was glad I had a glass of water close by. If you like spicy, you'll love this!

I made scrambled eggs, steamed broccoli and cauliflower rice for lunch recently. I'm trying to eat healthy. The problem was, it was boring. I tossed some of the Original granola into the bowl and it really made a difference. I loved the crunchy mixture with sweetness of the cranberries, the salty of the granola and the healthy part of the steamed foods. It made my healthy creation much more enjoyable and gave it an amazing taste.

Spice up a salad or soup, too, with your favorite flavor of Savory Granola. Sprinkle a little or a lot for an extra crunch. Add it to yogurt, oatmeal or eat it straight out of the bag! You'll love the healthy nutritional value, too! I highly recommend ordering yours soon. Tampa Bay Moms Group moms receive a 10% discount using this code: TBMG10OFF

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