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The Stationery All Parents Need

As a parent you will experience TONS of milestones with your children. From their birth all the way to their graduation… their accomplishments will be yours too. So, as a parent it’s a must to have somewhere to consistently turn to when it comes to celebrating each milestone moment.

Lucky for you, we have teamed up with Basic Invite. They are an online stationery company providing invitations and announcements for every major life moment. From elegant baby shower invitations and traditional birth announcements even Christmas cards and sweet sixteens, they have got you covered!

There is so much we LOVE about this company. They’ve got a great selection, so many unique attributes that you can’t find anywhere else, and they’re all online which makes them a super convenient choice. With hundreds of cards to choose from, over 180 custom colors, 100 fonts, 40 different colored envelopes, multiple paper types and card cuts, and all the accessories you can think of - Basic Invite is the custom card company. Their instant preview technology lets you customize and view them instantly online. This makes the editing process go smoothly and will result in the exact design you envisioned.

Now that you know the details let’s talk bottom line…. what stationery products do all parents need exactly? Basic Invite is breaking it down - start to finish.

Baby Shower Invitations - Your first set of stationery as parents to be! Baby shower invitations can be so much fun with endless designs.

Birth Announcements - Who doesn’t love a good birth announcement? A photo of your precious bundle of joy announcing his or her welcome into the world… it doesn’t get much better than that!

First Birthday Invites - Like all of their other invites, their first birthday invitations can be totally customized for any birthday theme.

Christmas Cards - Holiday greetings are so fun! It’s a nice way to keep in touch with loved ones and spread holiday cheer. Check out Basic Invite’s gold and silver foil designs for an extra touch of sparkle!

Sweet Sixteen Invitations - New to Basic Invite, sweet sixteen invitations will be a huge hit for the teenage girls in your life! We also carry other milestone birthday invites and general party invites for all your summer fun!

Graduation Announcements - Have fun with these over the years! Pre-school graduations or kindergarten, even junior high! Of course you will want to let your loved ones know when your kids graduate high school and college, but even keeping them informed as the years pass will be appreciated and extra special!

Thank You’s - With so many milestones ahead, thank you cards are a must for every parent! Use them to teach your kids the art of writing a thank you note and the importance of showing gratefulness to others.

Personal Stationery - Write a quick note to a fellow mom or even write a fancy grocery list. Personalized stationery always comes in handy when you're an on the go parent.

Basic Invite is always running promotions so be sure to check out their website for discounts. Head over there today for 15% off everything site-wide.

Be sure to @basicinvite

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