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Keeping Diseases At Bay - 5 Quick Tips For The Working Mother

Being a working mom is a huge responsibility in its own right. And when you add the daily tasks of your office into the mix, you have yourself more than a full plate. This makes it even more difficult to keep your home clean, hygienic, and free of any diseases. But you needn't worry. Have a look below for the quickest and fastest tips:

1. Remember To Clean Your Countertops

Various studies suggest that around 86% of all the germs in your house are located on your countertops. These can be in your kitchen, your bathroom, and even your dining area. These are one of the most frequently used surfaces and can become a home to contagious and harmful diseases. Invest in a plant-based cleaning solution to clean all your countertops across your house.

2. Do Not Ignore Your Electronic Item

When was the last time you used your television remote control? When was the last time you used your stereo system? This afternoon maybe or morning. Some of your electronic items are used practically every day. The most disturbing part is that a lot of your friends and literally everyone in your home uses these appliances almost every day. It is time to invest in a sanitizer for your electronic items along with a soft cleaning cloth and cotton wipes as well.

3. Pest Control On Your Speed Dial

Do not ignore this one little chore. Controlling cockroaches, mice, spiders, termites, and other pests is essential if you want to maintain hygiene on your property. Call the best rodent control company in your city to keep your home clean and away from several dangerous diseases. Among rats, cockroaches and lizards too are responsible for spreading a lot of infections so don't forget to kick them out too.

4. Change Your Toothbrushes More Frequently

This goes for everyone in your family. You should change your toothbrushes once at least every 3 months. Regardless of whether they have become discolored or disfigured or not, it is always fun to change your toothbrushes. The same should apply to your wash towels as well. When you see that running them through a washing machine is not doing anything for their color, softness, or fibers, get rid of them.

5. Disinfecting Your Kids' Toys

Along with a nice and fresh-smelling sanitizer, the one thing that you should invest in is a disinfectant liquid. When it's not possible to wash all your kids' toys, the one thing that is going to prove useful is a disinfectant liquid. You must take care of the chemical dwell time as well. This is the amount of time that you let the chemical sit on a surface before you start using it. Wipe the toys nicely before you give them to your children after disinfecting them.

To Sum It Up

Don't be ignorant. Don't be lazy. It's your home. You should be willing to take all the necessary measures to ensure the health and well-being of your family. This blog was one massive step closer to achieving perfect home hygiene.

*The views expressed by content contributors are their own and do not necessarily represent those of TBMG, it's staff, members or affiliates.


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