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The Experience of Crayola Experience

Recently, my family had the opportunity to go to Crayola Experience in Orlando FL. The experience takes art and turning it into hands on activities that help expand a child’s mind and creativity. There are 26 activities such as turning your own coloring page into a 4-d exhibit, naming your own crayon, taking your picture then printing it out into a coloring page and so much more! The drive from my area of Tampa to their door was 1 hour and 30 minutes with only one bathroom stop and definitely worth the drive.

Our first stop was the make your own crayon section which was one of our favorites. You create a name for a crayon on a computer screen, print it out and then get to use a machine to stick the paper to your crayon. I actually purchased extra coins at $.50 each to make crayons for pretty much everyone I know. This tends to be a creative and cute gift for people. Next, we headed over to the take a picture and then have it print out as a coloring page. My whole family had a blast at this exhibit and spent a while printing out different pictures. We took them home to color later. There were so many different exhibits that all of us found something that brought the "kid," out in us as well as really sparked our creativity. They also have a clean playground area where the kids can run around and burn off some steam if they needed to and my children definitely needed to a few times. Then after some playing they were right back in to being engrossed in the next crayola activity.

The crafts where we could color a picture and then put it on a tv screen or computer monitor were very exciting for my kids. This exhibit allowed them to be as creative as they wanted with a pre-chosen picture but still add their own personal style. After the picture is colored, it's scanned in and shown on a screen. For the kids, the idea that something they colored was now being shown on a screen in an interactive way made them crazy with excitement. This alone entertained them for at least an hour.

My oldest loves art! I have a deep love for art which is why I majored in art in college. I think Crayola Experience does a wonderful job encouraging the love of arts. They have hands on activities that really get everyone, young and old, involved. Tickets are very reasonable. It's almost the same price to get a yearly pass which is what I would recommend. Definitely something you could do several times a year.

Tampa Bay Moms Group is hosting the Fall Fest Tampa Bay at Westfield Citrus Park w/ Trunk or Treat and Crayola Experience has added a coupon in to the swag bags as well as a Crayola coloring page! TBMG will have coloring pages and coloring supplies at our booth at both fall fest as well. Once colored post a picture with #CrayolaExperience and #TBMGFallfest. We will choose a winner on October 31st. One winner from each location will receive a prize. Good luck and we can’t wait to see all your creations!

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