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Why My Family Photos are not Uploading on iCloud: 6 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Issue

When it comes to storing those beautiful moments of your loved ones, you want to be assured that those milestones will forever be remembered. Obviously the best way is to ensure that these treasured moments are stored on the cloud and you can retrieve them without any worries. However, sometimes you can experience problems with your iPhone storage not loading or showing. This will mean you will be required to open your setting to check the space left.

Please Don't Panic. Below, we will outline ways to fix your iPhone problem of storage not loading and you can get back to taking those cherished moments whenever you want.

Reasons Your iPhone Storage Is Not Loading

There are various reasons why your iPhone storage is not loading. It's important to know the cause to make it easy to understand how to fix it. Some of the problems include the following:

  • Error when processing due to an excessive amount of data to be loaded

  • Having Insufficient Storage

  • Having issues relating to the iOS operating system

These are some reasons you might be experiencing problems with your iPhone storage. Luckily most of these problems can be fixed.

Some Quick Fixes to iPhone storage that is not working

These fixes don't require you to be an expert to accomplish them. However, ensure you follow the instructions for optimal results.

Free Up iPhone Storage Space

One of the reasons your iPhone storage is not loading might be that the storage is full. You must visit to learn how to free your iPhone space quickly. However, you can consider cleaning your iPhone storage by deleting unnecessary apps from the setting. You can also consider deleting the messages, videos, downloaded files and photos. To do this, you ought to access the general setting, where you will get an idea of which apps are consuming more space.

Try Waiting for Minutes

Your iPhone system might fail to display the storage due to processing. If you notice your iPhone fails to load the storage instantly, you open the setting and try waiting for 5-7 minutes just to let it load properly. If you wait and your iPhone storage is not responding, you can try the other solutions.

Restart Your iPhone Forcefully

Sometimes when your iPhone is not responding, you can consider restarting it. Restarting helps to refreshen the system and helps to optimize the function of the applications. To force the restart, you press and quickly release the volume up button. Press promptly release the volume down button. Lastly, press and maintain the side button until the Apple logo emerges. You need to hold it until you see the power-off slider. After your phone restarts, hopefully, the problem will be solved.

Consider Forcing Quit Settings and Reset All Settings

Suppose your iPhone still has issues calculating category sizes after you free up space. In that case, you must force quit the storage set to return your phone's customized setting to the defaults. The advantage of this setting is that you can still retain your content, such as apps, videos, photos and music. Look for the right process to force quitting your apps and ensure you reset them.

Final Words

Knowing what causes your iPhone storage not to load will ensure you know the proper process. Follow the above to solve the storage problem that you have.


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