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What You Should Know About Becoming a Baseball Mom

Whether you’re taking your little slugger to their first or hundredth game, being a baseball mom is a role all its own. It can be a rewarding experience when there are wins to celebrate, but the agony of defeat can be a gut punch. Understanding what you should know about becoming a baseball mom alerts you to the world you’re a part of.

Au Revoir Free Time

You can kiss any free time you had in your schedule goodbye if you become a full-time baseball mom. When you account for the travel, length of the game, and postgame activities, one game will take up most of your day. If the games are during the work week, you may be running on empty by the time the weekend comes, and you’ll lose those weekends because of baseball. Just put your best foot forward and remember that this is only temporary—you will have freedom again.

It’s Costly

Purchasing the necessary equipment for your Little Leaguers can quickly add up. League fees, cleats, and uniforms will put a dent in your bank account, especially if your child is a catcher and requires extra equipment. The bat is another piece of equipment that costs a pretty penny, but finding the right baseball bat is important. Ideally, the bat you settle on can last a few seasons before your kid outgrows it.

You’re a Spectator

Sitting on the sidelines might be more nerve-racking than participating in a sport, particularly if you’re watching your children on the diamond. It’s easy to lose sight of things if the umpire makes a bad call or the coach yanks your kid from the lineup. However, it’s critical to remember your role as a level-headed, supportive fan.

Even professional umpires are prone to making mistakes throughout the game, so there’s no need to demean individuals volunteering their time to call balls and strikes. We can assure you that no youth baseball umpire has an axe to grind with your children, nor are other coaches paying them to favor their team over yours.

You’ll Lose Friends and Gain Family

Since you’ll spend most of your time participating in baseball-related activities, some of your closest friends may become distant during the season. While that’s depressing to ponder, the good news is that you’ll be making more friends and joining new social circles with the other parents of the team. If you meet these parents during the tee-ball stage, the odds are you will be with them for the next decade, even if your kids end up on different teams.

Learning what you should know about becoming a baseball mom gives you a heads-up of what to expect. It’s not always sunshine and roses taking on this challenge. Nevertheless, your children will forever be grateful that you dedicate so much of your time to their endeavors.


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