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What To Look For in a Pair of Toddler Shoes

As kids grow, their needs change, especially their needs in their footwear. As a parent, you may find it difficult to find shoes that meet your child’s needs during their first few years. However, you can look for several things in a pair of toddler shoes so that they feel comfortable.

Strap Them On With Velcro

After you have determined your toddler’s shoe size, you’ll need to consider other elements of the shoes, including how they will stay on your child’s feet. If you want to keep things simple, you can pick a shoe with Velcro straps. You and your child will not have to worry about their ability to tie laces, and the Velcro will keep the shoe where it belongs on your child’s foot.

Look for Flexibility in Your Sole

You also want to look for shoes with the proper sole for your child. The sole should be flexible and keep them from slipping so that they can have solid footing when they learn to walk. You’ll want to ensure that your toddler avoids as many spills as possible when they take their first steps.

Give the Toes Room To Roam

Another feature you should look for in a pair of toddler shoes is an ample amount of toe room. Your child won’t appreciate tight shoes that cram their small digits together and make walking a painful experience. You are better off picking a pair that gives them room to wiggle around their toes freely.

Resist the Urge To Go Big

Your toddler will need multiple pairs of shoes each year until their growth slows, which might drive you to consider giving them a big pair they can grow into. However, parents should avoid this since their children will be more at risk of falling, and their feet may not develop properly. Instead, you should buy shoes that properly support them at that stage of their life.

No part of being a parent is easy, particularly the task of buying your child their first pair of shoes. But if you do it correctly, you’ll play an important part in their physical development.


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