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What to Expect in the First Month After Giving Birth

There are many hurdles in the years of motherhood, from the first trimester to their first birthday. One of the most challenging periods is the first month after you take the baby home. You will overcome multiple obstacles to build your parenting skills. Knowing what to look forward to will make caring for your child manageable.

Expect Very Little Sleep

Many moms talk about the immense amounts of sleep they miss during that first month after giving birth. Your sleep schedule must adjust to the baby's sleep schedule, and you will sleep when the baby sleeps. The first three months are when they cry the most, disrupting your sleep.

Your child will need plenty of attention and comfort in this new world. It will take time to adjust to operating on little sleep, but if you can get past the first one to three months, you should be okay.

A Lot of Scheduling

In the first month alone, your child must go to the pediatrician for a well-child visit. During these visits, the doctor will run a physical examination on your baby, which includes recording any growth, development, height, weight, and potentially checking the eyes, ears, and mouth. It may be challenging to schedule these appointments and keep them organized in your head, but it helps to have a detailed calendar, reminders on your phone, and, if available, a partner who can co-parent.

A Large Amount of Supplies

Diapers, swaddle blankets, wipes, and onesies are all part of the supplies you need for your baby in the first month of giving birth. Babies will go through hundreds of diapers during the first month, which may create messes on their clothes and blankets. Make sure you have a seemingly endless amount of supplies to ensure you are prepared for the messiest accidents.

The Intense Love

There are numerous ups and downs in childcare, but one of the best aspects is the intense love and protective feelings you have for your newborn. Acts such as breastfeeding will make your bond grow stronger.

You may feel the need to be alone with your child and want to avoid being around multiple people, which is perfectly normal for new mothers. For some mothers, it may take a little time to feel a solid attachment to their baby, but the feeling will come eventually, even if it's a slow surge.

Motherhood is an incredibly challenging responsibility and job. The first month of being a mother will have many good and difficult days, but with the knowledge of what to expect, you will have a better time caring for your newborn.


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