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Ways To Foster Art in Children With Autism

Creative art therapies help children and adults enhance their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Through creativity, children can use their imagination, improve their communication skills, and work on their artistic talents. A visual arts approach is helpful for children with autism to further their creativity, communication, and social skills.

Although most of these skills are practiced at school, you can further support your child by practicing these creative skills at home. Here are a few ways to foster art in children with autism to actively work on these skills beyond school and therapy.

Try Out Different Sand Art Activities

Some children find sand art to be very therapeutic. Help your child create a sandy masterpiece using different colors and layers in a decorative vase. Sand art is also a great way to encourage social interaction. Spend the afternoon with buddies from school or just the two of you; either way, your child can practice social skills to help them become more comfortable with everyday interactions.

Create Art From Nature

One of the simplest ways to foster art in children with autism is to spend a day at the park gathering leaves, pine cones, sticks, and flowers to create art from nature. Take your time picking the best art supplies for the piece. After gathering your supplies, encourage your child to use their imagination and create a masterpiece on a cardboard canvas or construction paper. This should be a fun and relaxing experience for your child.

Build Sculptures With Playdough

Supporting your child at home and using your knowledge from ABA therapy will help you implement communicative practices and creativity when building sculptures. Ask your child questions about what they're making, make sculptures with them, and encourage them to make more! Playdough is a great sensory material for creative activities and extending their imagination.

Spend the Day Mixing Colors in a Water Tub

On hot summer days, you can cool off by dipping your hands in cold, colorful water. Prepare your containers with cold water, soap, and food coloring for a fun day mixing hues and splashing around. Guide your child on how to make different colors and watch the magic happen.


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