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Tips for Turning a Regular Bathroom into a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Are you looking to renovate your bathroom and thinking of adding some things to make it child-friendly? If yes, then this article is for you. Some people start making their house kid-proof. Instead, it is better to make it kid-friendly. One of the primary explanations is that it costs less, and the bathroom remains accessible for adults.

If you make a specific bathroom with small height faucets, sinks, and a small bathtub, you will have to reconstruct it within 7-8 years. The reconstruction costs are rising day in and day out. Therefore, we mention a few tips for remodeling your regular water closet into a child-friendly bathroom.

  • Storage at Different Heights

In a bathroom shared by everyone, you need to ensure that kids have only access to the things they require. It would help if you used a bathroom remodel design that supports storage spaces at different heights.

As a result, you can keep the necessities like towels, toilet paper, and cotton balls in the lower drawers/ cabinets. And place the cleaning supplies and medicines in the upper cabinets. It will ensure your child gets to know the bathroom etiquette well while also keeping him safe from any injuries.

  • Use Durable Material

The main thing that makes a bathroom child-friendly is easy-to-clean and durable accessories. Kids and their hyperactive activities are sure to break many things. Therefore, it is best to choose long-lasting materials for almost everything including faucets, sink material, etc.

Choose tiles that are easy to clean and specifically stain-resistant. For example, you can use quartz countertop material in the bathroom for a beautiful and child-friendly look.

  • Non-Slip Surfaces

Whether it is for adults or kids, using non-slip tiles is evergreen. Although adults can handle themselves, precaution is always better than cure. Therefore, picking up non-slip tiles is a good idea. It will prevent the kids from slipping or falling on the floor with wet feet and slippers. It can nullify a significant risk and make for a great kid-friendly bathroom.

In addition, pick up anti-skid mats for your bathtub and shower for added security. Furthermore, you can use absorbent mats near the sink, bathtub, bathroom door, and toilets.

  • Focus on the Little Things

While creating the best bathroom for our kids, we may skip a thought around the little things that will help:

  • The kids in staying safe

  • The parents in keeping the bathroom clean.

Instead of installing towel bars, it is better to equip the bathroom with hooks. It will lead to lesser towels on the floor. In addition, you can choose a toilet seat with a trip level. It ensures that the child can safely flush the toilet without crawling up the bathroom.

  • Do Not Go Over the Board With the Kid Theme

You might wonder why this point, but adding little details is OK—for example, using kid theme toothpaste holders, brushes, and towels. However, installing wall tiles or floor tiles to match the kid theme is not great. You will need to revamp the bathroom in a few years because kids grow up fast.

Final words

Remodeling your bathroom to make it child-friendly requires you to put in a lot of thinking. It is because reconstructing is an expensive project; therefore, w mention the above points to help you plan your renovation easily.


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