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Storm Boy Review & AMC Giveaway

This post is a review for a great movie along with some printable activities for the kids and also...

A giveaway that you can enter on Facebook Here or Instagram Here.

Each gives you the opportunity to win 1 of 2 $50 gift Cards to AMC that I think you may just want to use to check out this family friendly film.

I had the opportunity to see Storm Boy, the newest adaptation of the children's book by Colin Theile. It's a story of a boy who finds orphaned pelicans, raises them, bonds with them all the while trying to turn the land into a sanctuary while fending off bird hunters who oppose it. During the course of the story he befriends an aboriginal Australian who has a troubled past and also deals with his relationship with his own father who due to his trauma is somewhat emotionally adrift and distant. All this story takes place in flashbacks as the title character. now a grandpa and on the board of a family owned company, tells his granddaughter about his formative years with his pelican pets which in a far fetched way slightly parallel hers as she fights to have her family company and specifically her father's plans to mine and further damage the environment put to an end.

As with most stories like this I knew going in it would be emotional. I think many who watch may need a tissue. But the truly tear jerking parts are not frequent and are pretty expected as you see the story progress so you won't be super surprised. That being said I would caution young or very emotional children from seeing this without an adult who can help them navigate those parts.

Even though the story itself has moments of true feeling and happiness overall it is not a movie set against a backdrop of sunshine and joy. It's a little bleak at times. In that way I appreciated the realness. I do wish they had gone even further with the story as to the backgrounds of the characters and what happens further down the line. There is closure but the movie makes you want to know so much more because the cast plays the parts so well and the director creates such a well laid story. Admittedly I have not read the source material so maybe that is further explained in the original work or the earlier movie adaptation.

Overall there are heartwarming moments that are scattered throughout the lives of the characters but those aren't as plentiful as most are used to in a family story like this so it seems when they find joy it means a bit more and when they face sadness it seems even harder.

If you've seen any movie where a child rescues an animal or befriends one or has that reclusive parent or outcast friend, you can pretty much guess some of the paths this film takes. There are suspenseful scenes, intriguing characters and above all several messages that are great takeaways for the audience.

The movie opens April 5th and with a great cast and some beautiful imagery and the most adorable tiny main character, and of course some very talented pelicans.

I don't want to spoil it, but I do want you to see it so to help you enjoy a day at the movies we are giving away 2 $50 AMC gift cards. One to a Facebook Follower and one to an Instagram Follower.

To enter simply like this post and comment with why you want to win.

You can show us how excited you are by tagging a couple friends.

Giveaway ends April 4th and the movie opens April 5th and that is when we will notify our winners!

This giveaway is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.

Now as an extra bonus you can download some fun activities for the movie!


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