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Signs that your kitchen cabinets need a refinishing

A kitchen is the heart of a home. Everyone loves to keep their home tidy and renovated to prevent long-term damage. However, at times you may miss out on little things in your kitchen, such as chipping out paint from the cabinets or issues in the working of cabinet doors. It is normal for people to think they will need to renovate or replace the cabinets to ensure they are in their best condition. However, experts recommended getting a refinishing instead of going for a replacement. This article mentions the signs you need to notice to understand that the kitchen cabinets need repainting to match the current condition of your home. Read on!

What is cabinet refinishing?

Before you look for signs, we are sure you would want to know what exactly cabinet refinishing means. The professionals providing cabinet painting services assert that refinishing is pocket-friendly and takes less time. Generally, the experts remove any old hardware like hinges and handles. They then repaint and polish them to bring back the shine and character. Likewise, they remove the old paint and finish on the cabinets and give them a new color and texture as per your requirements.

To begin refinishing the project, what signs should you look for in the kitchen cabinets?

It is tricky to understand when to refinish the cabinets and when to go for replacement. To save yourself from disbursing extra money on renovation and replacement, you can look for the following signs and give your cabinets an update.

  • Malfunctioning cabinets: It is clear that the cabinets need refinishing when they are not working properly. You may witness unevenly hung cabinets, broken or loose handles, misaligned openings, shutting, etc. Ill-functioning cabinets are hard to work with and act as an eyesore in the kitchen's overall appearance.

  • Minor Damages: You should think of repainting the cupboards when you see damages like scratching on the exterior, nicks, etc. The everyday use of these cupboards makes them prone to minor damage. So, instead of replacing them, you can repaint and repair them for the best results.

  • The room layout is functional: Installing new cupboards is a lot of work. The new cabinets may not be the same size, color, and match with the interiors as the current ones do. Therefore, getting the existing cabinets repainted for a new shine is better.

  • They look outdated: One significant sign that you should repaint the kitchen cupboards is when they look obsolete. You have recently updated the kitchen interiors but skipped on the closets because they were new. But with time, the cabinets get dull and do not match the interiors of the new kitchen. You can choose to give them a new look by getting them repainted by professionals. They will also repair the minor damage and provide a unique texture at affordable pricing.

  • You have the budget: Though cabinet refinishing is an affordable project, you must first check with the professional service providers about the costs and make a budget. The project should not hamper your everyday expenses.

Final Words

Keeping up with the care of your home is a daunting task. Homeowners want their house to look at all times and sometimes make the wrong decision in a hurry. Therefore, we mentioned some signs to help you save money on renovation by picking up a more affordable option; refinishing and repainting.


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