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Residential Water Slide Safety Tips You Should Know

One of the best things about living in Florida is that it’s almost always warm enough to throw on your favorite swimsuit and jump into the pool. Kids certainly love the pool, and few things make it more exciting than installing a water slide in your own backyard. Your kids may be over the moon to see the new backyard feature, but you still need to enforce proper safety rules. Read on for some residential water slide safety tips you should know, so everyone can get the most out of the experience.

Everyone Takes Turns

When you’ve got multiple kids in the pool and only one slide, there’s bound to be some fighting over who gets to go next. Establish that it’s important to take turns and make sure only one person slides down at a time. Make sure that whoever is going next waits until the last person to slide down has gotten out of the way. You may not have any mishaps on the slide, but the last thing you want is sliders crashing into people already in the pool.

Maintain The Slide

An essential part of keeping your slide safe is properly caring for it. If your slide has any chips or cracks in it, that could lead to scratches, cuts, and other unpleasant experiences for your kids. We recommend inspecting your slide before anyone uses it in case there are any problems. If you have a fiberglass water slide, remember to regularly buff your slide to help extend its lifespan. Keeping your slide in good condition is beneficial for safety reasons and ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Install Safety Features

One of the most valuable residential water slide safety tips you should know is to install safety features. For example, to avoid any slips and falls, your water slide’s stairs should have handrails on both sides for kids to hold onto when ascending. You should also lay down grip strips on the steps to prevent wet feet from slipping off. Many commercial water slides come with these, but it’s good to make sure for yourself.

Use the Slide Correctly

The best way to avoid any mishaps with your water slide is to ensure everybody is using it correctly. Avoid unnecessary risks that come from things like trying to slide down headfirst or waving arms outside the slide. If you catch your kids violating proper slide safety, they may have to lose their slide privileges for a while.


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