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This Year’s Premier Gift for Kids

Crayola Experience at Home – Holiday Passport Edition

Featuring three hours of exciting holiday crafts and souvenirs delivered right to your door, Crayola Experience continues to push the envelope with the next evolution of at-home creative interactives for kids. The perfect gift to include in a holiday gift-guide round-up or as a stand-alone feature!

WHAT: This holiday season, Crayola Experience has unveiled the must-have item for any 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Crayola Experience at Home - Holiday Passport Edition.

The next evolution of at-home interactive gifts promoting creativity and imagination, Crayola Experience at Home Holiday Edition is the perfect surprise gift for every child. Don’t miss out on this must-have ‘2020 Kid’s Creativity Gift’ that can be delivered straight to the doorstep.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Embark on an immersive, wintery holiday adventure blending a unique, digital experience with hands-on creativity! Guided by Crayola crayons, kids will journey around the world from the comfort of their own home. As they go, they’ll learn about different holiday traditions and craft keepsakes to celebrate them—all with a colorful Crayola twist.

This one-of-a-kind, creative voyage will engage children with its interactive video content featuring nine activities, including an exclusive snowman painting step-by-step tutorial with a Crayola illustrator. The self-paced adventure comes will all the supplies you need for more than three hours of colorful fun!

In a brand-new activity, unlike any other, Crayola Experience at Home brings the magic of color (physically and virtually!) to your own home and is available to ship anywhere in the U.S.

Getting started is simple. Order this LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY PASSPORT EDITION kit online for each participant, and Crayola Experience will ship all the Crayola goodies to you with a link for the online portion of the experience… and you’re off!

Also, check out the attraction’s original at-home interactive kit: Crayola Experience at Home – Scavenger Hunt. Go on a mission through Crayola Experience to help find Granny Smith’s top secret blue recipe – complete with crafting activities, pre-recorded Crayon Factory and Silly Putty shows, and Jazzy, your Crayon Character guide.

PRICE: The Crayola Experience at Home Holiday Passport and Scavenger Hunt editions are priced at $24.99 per kit + shipping. The kits can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. for $8.

GROUP DISCOUNTS: For families and groups interested in purchasing four (4) or more Crayola Experience at Home Holiday Edition kits, there is a 10% discount!


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