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Mama’s Guide: Tips To Limit Clutter When You Have Kids

No one likes clutter. However, when you have children with countless toys and vast imaginations, messes appear in every corner. Kids pull out various playthings, build forts, look at their favorite picture book, and then nap. The problem? You’re stuck with a messy home, and the longer you put off cleaning, the worse it gets. Check out these tips to limit clutter when you have kids to prevent the hassle.

Give Everything a Space

Your humble abode looks anything but tidy when toys, picture books, and clothes remain strewn across the home. Every object should have a place. If your child is young, you could refer to that space as the belongings “home.” Toys belong in a toy chest, books should go on the shelf, and dirty clothes go in the hamper.

Teach your child to clean up after themselves from a young age to encourage responsibility and respect for their belongings. Then, with everything where it should be, you don’t have to worry about clutter taking up space.

Have a Capsule Wardrobe

If you and your children have a lot of clothes, you may be wasting closet or drawer space. However, creating a capsule wardrobe de-clutters your closet. By living like a minimalist, you invest in a lower quantity of clothing but buy high-quality versions. Most capsule wardrobes include only around 30 items in total. Use the extra space to organize and store other belongings you have.

Donate What You Don’t Need

Sort through your home’s decorations, clothes, toys, and other belongings. If the item no longer brings you joy or use, put it in the donation pile. Likewise, if your children have long outgrown certain toys and you don’t plan to have more kids, give the items to charity. It’s OK to hold on to one or two things if they have sentimental value, but you can’t keep everything.

Be the Example

If you don’t want your kids to leave a mess, ensure you and your partner don’t either. Children need role models, and you’re one of the most influential figures in their lives. Ensure you keep your room clean and put away items once you finish using them. By doing this, your child can’t say, “But you don’t clean up,” and you instead encourage good habits.

Clean Up Each Night

The final tip to limit clutter when you have kids is to aim to clean up every night. Don’t leave dishes stacked in the sink or toys on the living room floor. Yes, there’s always tomorrow, but clutter builds up in no time. Going to bed with a clean home each night makes it easier to maintain it each day. Your house is your refuge from the world, so keep it looking tidy.


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