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How To Introduce Your Kids to the Fun of Pickleball

Pickleball has a ton of benefits for players of all ages, so designating it the new family activity is a no-brainer! No matter how excited you are to get started, roping your kids into learning a new sport takes time. Here are some quick tips on how to introduce your kids to the fun of pickleball.

Play First, Rules Later

When it comes to sports, rules really make the game. Whether you’re an experienced pickleball player or just read up on the rules to get started, listing instructions to your kids isn’t the best way to get them excited to play. Pickleball has unique paddles and a fun ball that are easy to pick up and use.

Guide your child toward trying out a quick rally once they’ve thoroughly explored the equipment in their own unique way, and don’t worry too much about them getting the rules right yet!

Start With Practice Drills

Once your family is ready to start playing the game itself, start with practice drills. Drills are helpful at any level, but they really cement your child’s confidence and build those foundational skills. The following drills are ideal for just starting out:

  • Bouncing the ball on the paddle and into the air

  • Hitting it to a wall repeatedly

  • Practicing getting the ball over the net

  • Serve practice

  • Kitchen rally practice

Avoid Making Pickleball a Chore

Pickleball is a fantastic way to spend time together, stay on top of your family fitness, and bond over a shared interest. However, if we as parents push something we love too hard onto our kids, they might come to think of it as more of a chore than a fun activity.

Try to make an adventure out of learning this new sport, from involving them in local youth sports clubs to taking them on road trips to play in all-new courts! Pickleball is increasing in popularity and presence, but if your local parks only sport tennis courts, you can certainly make do.

At the end of the day, it isn’t too hard to introduce kids to the fun of pickleball. After all, the sport is fun and easily matches their pace to avoid frustrations. With a pinch of patience and motivation, Pickleball can easily cater to competitive, silly, and even shy kids looking for something exciting to do!


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