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How To Dress Yourself and Your Baby for a Photo Shoot

Is anything cuter than the first photo session with your baby? Many parents do this to commemorate the precious life stages their little one goes through. As you prepare for a picture-perfect event, you’ll have to plan out what the two of you will wear. Keep reading this guide for great tips on how to dress yourself and your baby for a newborn photo shoot.

Keep Outfits Cozy

In the early days of life, comfort is key for your baby and you. Most parents do newborn photo shoots seven to 10 days after birth to send announcements out to loved ones and to remember these early moments. During this time, your body will still be recovering. Likewise, your little one needs to adjust to life outside the womb. There will be plenty of time to take photos in stylish outfits as your baby grows—right now, wear something comfy and cute.

Dress yourself in loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Dress your baby in a soft onesie, jumper, or swaddle them. Making your baby comfortable also calms them so that you can get the pictures done quickly and efficiently.

Coordinate Your Outfits

Everyone in the photo should wear coordinating clothing. So you, your partner, your baby, and other potential children should stick to a specific type of clothing—casual or formal—as well as a color palette. This ensures that the photos remain aesthetic.

When coordinating your outfits, another option is to match your baby. One tip for styling matching outfits with your baby is to select a specific styling theme. Would you rather wear cozy loungewear or something playful, such as a sundress? Deciding on these details helps you plan outfits that flow together.

Consider the Season

Another tip on how to dress yourself and your baby for a photo shoot is to consider the season. The type of clothes and the color you wear may vary depending on the time of year. For instance, a turquoise A-line sundress is perfect in summer as the style and color are popular this time of year. However, jeans and a cranberry cardigan are more suitable if you do a newborn shoot in winter.

Seasonality also impacts how you dress your newborn; in summer, you may wrap them in a linen swaddle, but in winter, a plush wool blanket will envelop them in warmth.

It’s Your Choice

Above all else, what you two wear depends on your style and comfort preferences. These photos will be a heartfelt piece of décor in your home. Take the time to pick out adorable outfits for the two of you, or the whole family, a few days before the photo shoot so that you can decide without feeling pressured for time.


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