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How To Create a Calming Nursery Your Baby Will Love

Nothing is more exciting than planning and designing a nursery. You likely have color swatches, trimmings, and décor galore in mind. Some may not give it much thought, but the nursery is your baby's new safe area outside the womb. As such, you want to ensure you’re designing a space that brings a sense of relaxation and peace. Keep reading for tips on how to create a calming nursery your baby will love.

Add Greenery

One of the simplest ways to add ambiance and peace to your nursery is by adding bits of greenery here and there. Plants can enhance your mood and alleviate feelings of depression. Just one plant can reduce stress and improve concentration, which will greatly help you and your baby when you’re in the nursery.

In fact, adding live plants to your baby's nursery can also help improve the air quality. Consider purchasing a snake plant. It’s a natural purifier, it’s drought resistant, and it does well in low sunlight. So you don't have to worry as you close your curtains when your baby needs to sleep.

Blackout Curtains

Your newborn will spend most of their early life in this nursery since they need to sleep around 14 to 17 hours a day. Unfortunately, they might choose to catch some rest during the day most of the time. A room with too much light can interfere with your baby's sleep and cause them to take shorter naps. That’s why it’s such a great idea to install blackout curtains in their nursery, as these will block out any light and keep them peacefully asleep.

Peaceful Colors

Nothing says nursery like a myriad of paint swatches on the wall. There might be a couple of colors you’re considering, but you must keep some things in mind. It might be surprising, but colors can actually affect our moods, so we must choose them wisely. Aim for soothing green, yellow, blue, and pink, as these hues will create a calming nursery your baby will love. Try to stay away from bright forms of any color, especially red. These can cause feelings of anxiety.


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