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First Day Jitters: How To Help Children Prepare for Sports

Being part of a team that works together toward a common goal is an invaluable, fulfilling lesson for most children. What better way to teach them than through sports? Enrolling your young ones in sports is a fantastic opportunity that allows them to develop athletic skills and meet others with the same interests.

Establishing connections with their peers is also an opportunity to create lasting friendships! However, your kiddo might not approach their first day with this mindset once the jitters kick in. And that’s okay!

As a mom, the last thing you want to do is send your child off to an extracurricular activity without feeling their most confident and secure. Luckily, we’ll cover how to help children prepare for sports so they can enter the arena and succeed!

Set Up Your Child for Success

There are many things outside your and your kiddo’s control, but one thing’s for certain—your ability to set them up for success! You can best prepare your young athlete for their first day by holding them responsible for their gear, water bottles, and snacks.

Consider encouraging your kid to create a list of all their essentials and remove each one as they add items to their bag. It’s easy for kids to forget things, so you’ll want to double-check to ensure their bag has everything they need.

By packing the night before, children can rest assured knowing they don’t have to scramble frantically around their room at go-time.

Instill Confidence

Confidence will be your children’s strongest means of success in and out of sports. Between the anxiety of meeting new people and showcasing their abilities, the first day will force them to navigate unfamiliar territory.

Nerves and fear can hold your athlete back from showing their potential, so consider talking to them about their first day. For instance, if your child is starting their first day in gymnastics, discuss those jittery feelings about stepping on the balance beam and offer them reassurance.

Make sure you remain positive and upbeat throughout your conversation. Encourage their confidence as a gymnast by explaining many emotions are in play during sports, and they are capable of everything they set their mind to.

Remind Them To Have Fun!

At the end of the day, the purpose of extracurricular activities and sports is to have fun! While your young athlete will have their good and bad days, sports are a way for them to keep active while pursuing their interests!

First day jitters can make kids unsure of their capabilities; however, knowing how help them prepare for sports encourages and empowers your young ones to try their best. While you may not be able to help them in every aspect, the best you can do is support them and make the experience easier.


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