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Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When a Dog Bites Your Child

Dogs are very loyal and adorable pets that most people keep for company. The dogs are generally friendly even when you are not the owner. However, most times, strange dogs can turn on your child, especially along the streets or even around your home, injuring them badly. Whenever a dog bites your child, there are crucial steps you need to take to ensure their fast recovery, and you are compensated for the expenses and losses that come with the injuries. Most people, however, commit many mistakes when their children are bitten and end up losing compensation. You should note that treating dog bites can be very costly, and sometimes, you may struggle to pay. Depending on the bite, it can significantly impact you as you cannot go to work. This article will outline common mistakes people make when a dog bites their child.

Failure to Seek Medical Attention

Most parents are ignorant when their child has been bitten and fail to take them to hospitals which is very dangerous to the health of the kid. Most dog bites can lead to diseases, especially if the dog was not vaccinated against rabies. As a parent, it's crucial to take your child's health as your priority to ensure they will recover as soon as possible. It's essential to ensure that your child is evaluated by a medical professional and that the wounds are appropriately addressed. If not treated, the dog bite injuries can lead to death.

Failure to Call the Police

When planning to get compensated for your child's injuries, you must call the police to help you record the statement. The police are ideal for helping take statements from witnesses too. However, they might not accuse the dog owner or judge them until the whole situation is contained. Without the statements, filing compensation becomes complicated.

Failure to Take Pictures

As soon as your child is bitten, ensure you take pictures of the dog and the wounds that it caused. Pictures are an excellent way to provide evidence beyond doubt of the dog and the severe injuries. Most people file to take photos, which makes it hard to prove your case. Please don't fail to take a photo of the surrounding environment and anything that can prove that the dog was the cause of the injuries and their extent.

Not Contacting an Experienced Lawyer

The greatest mistake most people make is failure to contact an experienced lawyer. Failure to hire a lawyer can lead to your case getting dismissed and losing the case. When hiring a lawyer, choose an experienced lawyer such as a stone mountain personal injury attorney to help you file a complaint and ensure you get compensation for your child. When choosing a lawyer, ensure they are experienced and have suitable qualifications. Some of the things you will be compensated for include medical bills, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

Contacting An Insurance Company

Most people think the insurance company will work for their best interest. Instead, this is always the opposite; most insurance companies constantly work towards paying the minimum compensation. When reporting to them, they will record your conversation to get the point that makes you seem guilty. This is why you require to consider contacting your lawyer first.

Wrapping Up:

When a dog bites your child, always be cautious to avoid the above common mistakes. Ensure you protect your child and teach them the need to be alert. Ensure you take pictures and give them to your lawyer to help you.


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