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Does Your Child Have Epilepsy? Here are 3 Natural Treatment Options

Also known as seizure disorder, Epilepsy is a common childhood brain disorder that causes children to have seizures. As per studies and data, nearly 3 million Americans have Epilepsy, with 450,000 being under minors. Epilepsy causes frequent episodes of seizures or sudden surges of electrical activity in the brain. In most cases, children outgrow their frequency of seizures as they enter the teenage period, and it could be a mental condition that lasts forever.

There are different types of seizures depending upon a lot of cognitive factors. Some children experience sudden jerking movements while others get confused and blankly stare at something. Since Epilepsy can be a risky condition for your kid, parents must seek medical consultation and look for possible treatment options. While conventional treatment is always the first option, parents should also try natural ways for their epileptic kids.

Below we have shared a few of the natural treatment options that can provide relief to your child, and he/she can lead a healthy and normal life.

Vitamins: Certain vitamins can help reduce the severity of seizures related to certain types of Epilepsy. For instance, vitamin B-6 is used to help children with pyridoxine-dependent seizures ( a rare form of Epilepsy), which develops soon after birth. Though this vitamin is known for its effective results, scientists still need a lot more research to know if it helps with other forms of Epilepsy too.

Other than that, supplements containing magnesium can also help your child. In many cases, magnesium deficiency in the child can increase the risk of seizures.

Natural Herbs: Some of the common herbs used for Epilepsy include hydrocotyle, burning bush, peony, and lily of the valley. Many other herbal remedies used in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurveda have shown effective results in reducing the severity of seizures. CBD is also a popular herbal treatment that is widely used in America for numerous health concerns, including seizures. People prefer CBD in the edible form to get quick relief. You can explore various edible products here

Even the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) has approved a CBD-infused medication named ‘Epidiolex’, which is used to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, two rare forms of childhood epilepsy.

Acupuncture: Patients with Epilepsy are generally treated with antiepileptic drugs, but many patients report no significant improvement or even experience side effects from the drugs. This is why acupuncture is seen as one of the many alternative treatments for reducing seizures. Various studies suggest that acupuncture has favorable effects on different types of Epilepsy, including febrile convulsion, generalized clonic-tonic seizure, and absence seizure. It can potentially control the seizure frequency and shortness of attack episodes and reduce spike waves. Overall, it can help epileptic patients to lead a quality life.

Final Words

Some herbs and vitamins can interfere with the medications and hence, might increase the risk of seizures. So, it is advised that you should consult your neurologist before adding any supplements to your child’s treatment.

*Information provided by content contributors is not verified by TBMG. All views and opinions shared are the contributors and do not necessarily represent those of TBMG.


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