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Best Potty Training Tips for Success!

Whether you’re dreading the thought of potty training your toddler or you’re already knees deep in pee and poop trying to get this potty thing to “click” - we have some expert potty training tips for you!

But first… If you’re just starting to explore this whole potty training thing and you’re not quite sure if your kiddo (or you) are ready, get the Potty Training Readiness Guide now!

Create a Positive, Enjoyable Environment

One of the best ways to teach your kid to use the potty is to make it fun - kids love fun!

Have your kid help you gather supplies, books, toys, and decorations for their bathroom. You want your little one to have a fun space that they want to be in! You can even set up a “potty bin” with a few special toys and potty books that remain in the bathroom for them to enjoy when they try using the potty.

Overall, keep the pressure low! Toddlers, preschoolers, and little kids can be great at picking up on other’s emotions. Try to set yourself up with realistic expectations (and lots of deep breaths) so that you can keep a level head while potty training to help set your kid up for success!

Tap Into Their Motivation

Learning to use the potty is a BIG new skill for little ones. Most kids are quite comfortable with or even attached to their diapers. Making the switch to using the potty or toilet can be a challenge. That’s why we always suggest making sure you have something in place to motivate your kid to learn to go potty.

Providing a reward can really spark their interest and solidify these new skills - you just need to find out what works for them!

Potty training reward ideas:

  • praise, high 5s, and hugs

  • stickers

  • potty dance parties

  • small edible treats

  • tiny toys

  • treasure box

Hone in on the behavior you want to increase (such as practicing sitting, peeing or pooping in the potty) and deliver the reward following that success so that that behavior will increase in the future. If your little one has already started potty training and is having trouble, reevaluate their motivation and think of how you can revamp the reward to tap into that.

We recommend picking a reward that your kiddo doesn’t have frequent access to outside of potty training for the best results!

Be Consistent with Your Potty Training Approach

Kids thrive on routines and consistency - potty training should be no different!

When deciding what potty training method to use, here are a few main considerations:

  • Choose a potty training method that you feel like you can stick to.

  • Select a method that aligns with your child’s skills and strengths, as well as your parenting preferences.

  • Decide how you’re going to incorporate pottying into your current routines, and consider any new routines you’re going to implement.

  • If you’ve come across a potty training method that doesn’t feel right, don’t use it. Just because it worked well for someone else doesn’t mean you need to use it, too. Potty training is NOT one size fits all.

Once you’ve decided on a potty training method, stick to it! It may take time to achieve your ultimate potty goal, but that doesn't mean your plan isn't effective. Starting and stopping over and over again or changing the "rules" and expectations can be confusing for our little ones. On the other hand, if you've put in a solid effort and things just aren't clicking, that could be a good time to reach out to the professionals for some guidance.

If you’ve found these potty training tips helpful, we have a lot more where that came from!

As expert Potty Training Coaches with over a decade of experience each, we have encountered pretty much any potty training struggle, challenge, or hiccup you can imagine. We’ve also specialized in helping children with special needs for our entire careers.

If you’re looking for potty training support and guidance, let’s chat! Book a complimentary Consult Call and we can discuss your potty training goals. We can’t wait to connect with you and help you & your kid tackle potty training with confidence!


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