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6 Science-Backed Ways to Cut Belly Fat Faster

Fat around the abdominal area is the hardest to eliminate. One particular type of belly fat known as visceral fat is risky as it puts you at risk for heart disease type 2 diabetes, among other health conditions. Belly fat also makes your clothes feel tight and might lead to low self-esteem. Fortunately, this article will discuss some science-backed ways to cut belly fat faster.

Refrain from drinking too much alcohol

Research has revealed that individuals who consume too much alcohol are at a greater risk of developing central obesity. You don't have to stop cold turkey, but you could limit the amount of alcohol you consume in a day. Reducing the frequency and the amount of alcohol you drink could help reduce your belly fat.

Try cardio and weightlifting

Cardio increases your heart rate and improves the circulation of oxygenated blood to body cells and muscles. High-intensity cardio exercises also help burn belly fat and calories, resulting in a flatter tummy and a smaller waist. It would be best to combine cardio with strength training to help burn extra fat and build muscle.

Consume soluble fibers

When soluble fibers come into contact with water in your gut, they transform into a gel that moves slowly through your gut. This slow movement of food makes you feel full longer, reducing the likelihood that you will eat unnecessarily throughout the day. Soluble fibers also help decrease the number of calories your body absorbs from food, thus helping you reduce belly fat.

Get a liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure whereby your surgeon uses a suction technique to remove unwanted fat from the belly and other areas such as the arms, thighs, and neck. It would be best to do thorough research and find a reputable cosmetic surgeon in your area to reduce your risk of getting complications afterward. If you live in New York, you could go for liposuction at NYBG Plastic Surgery to achieve your dream body. Ensure you ask your surgeon pertinent questions during your consultation and ask to see photos of their previous work.

Avoid sugary drinks

Fructose in sugar is linked to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, among other chronic lifestyle diseases. When you consume a diet high in sugar, you increase your chances of accumulating excess belly fat. We recommend using sugar sparingly as even the healthier options such as natural honey could be dangerous.

Steer clear of trans fats

Though many food producers have stopped producing trans fats, they are listed as partially hydrogenated fats in margarine and spreads. Trans fats are created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats and are linked to heart disease, abdominal fat accumulation, and insulin resistance. It would be best to avoid a diet high in trans fats to help reduce belly fat.

Final thoughts

We hope this article has provided practical tips to help you cut belly fat and fit better into your clothes. Getting rid of your belly fat also reduces the risk of developing lifestyle diseases that will reduce the quality of your life.


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