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6 Ideas for a Family Photo Album

A picture says a thousand words. It is also a great way to make memories last a lifetime. With this, even in the age of digital media, it is good to print pictures and compile them in photo albums, such as what Shutterfly can provide. If you want to make a family album, read on and learn from the tips we’ll share.

1. Tell a Story A good photo album is more than just a showcase of family pictures. Rather, it should be an opportunity to tell a story, such as a child growing up or a happy family holiday. Arrange photos in chronological order so that it shows the right order of events. If you need help from the pros to help you narrate a story through pictures in an album, check out Shutterfly.

2. Use Words Speaking of telling a story, do not let the pictures alone do the talking. It is a good idea to add words in the photos, which will also make the album more interesting. It’s just like adding captions on the pictures you upload on social media. If it is a family photo album, you can add inspiring family quotes.

3. Create a Book of Firsts This makes the family album more special. After several years, looking at these photos will feel nostalgic as it brings back happy memories of every milestone. For a child growing up, you can document the photos showing a child’s first time to walk or first time to be in a theme park. The album can also showcase the first international travel as a family, first graduation, first birthdays, and first home, among others.

4. Album of Generations This is another great way to make the album special. This is an alternative to making a family tree collage. All that you need to do is to print photos from the family’s different generations, including great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and children. This can be passed from one generation to another.

5. Choose the Right Material To make sure that the album will last a lifetime, one of the most important is to pick the right material, which should comply with the Photographic Activity Test of the American National Standards Institute. Materials that are PAT-compliant won’t fade through the years. They will not also have stains or other forms of discoloration.

6. Use Fabric Speaking of materials, why not consider fabric as an alternative to traditional acid-free photo paper? Canvas is one of the best materials. It adds a nice texture to the photo. However, make sure that you choose a high-quality fabric so that the images will not easily fade. Also, it is important that you store it properly away from heat and moisture to preserve its quality.

Print is not yet dead! Rather than just uploading family photos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, why not consider a creative album instead? Take note of our suggestions above to do it right.

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