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No Resolutions, Just little Improvements

It’s 2019 and this year I’d like to suggest skipping the New Year’s resolutions. Why make plans to start something and then fall off the wagon within three weeks? I always end up feeling like a loser when my resolutions don’t even last a month. What if we just resolved to stay the way we are and make changes as we go along. Little improvements that will add to our quality of life.

1. Dieting vs. Healthy Eating There are so many good programs that teach healthy eating and portion control. Identify what is in your area and check out several so you can learn as you go, have group support and when there is a weekly weigh in, accountability. Weight Watchers has offered a sensible approach that has lasted through the years. offers an online program where you can track your food and exercise daily, along with seeing friends check in and lose weight.

2. Jazzercise vs. Gym memberships There is a gym on every corner and cardio/spinning classes offered at a variety of locations. Jazzercise offers multiple classes and a month to month payment plan. Why sign a contract to pay for months when you have lost interest and are on to something else? Jazzercise offers many formats to keep every participant excited about coming to class:

Dance Mixx-A high intensity dance workout mixing modern moves and strength training, set to top 40 music and target the 3 major muscles groups for a full body workout. Interval-Equal parts circuit-based burst of cardio and strength training, this workout carves your body into the shape you strive for.

Fusion-Total body workout is circuit-based High Intensity Interval training class that fuses high-octane dance moves and muscle work to rev up your results.

Flip Fusion-Targeted, muscle-carving sets followed by shorter blasts of cardio dance kickstart metabolism to keep calories burning for hours after the workout is over.

Core-Cardio plus strength designed to engage and chisel the entire core and target v-line ads for a body to boast about.

Strike-Jabs and kicks to pumping music knock out stress and release your endorphins. Calories don’t stand a chance!

Strength-Muscle sculpting class combines weights and resistance training to crate a tight, lean body.

3. Financial Planning vs. Spend it as you go If you are waiting for your check on Friday to pay your bills, chances are you already spend it as you go. Start with baby steps of a savings account and transfer $25 each pay period. It’s probably small enough that you won’t even notice that it’s gone. When you save up a few hundred, visit your bank and see where they can help you make more money.

Take the stress out of your new year by starting out with zero pressure to do this or that. Find little things you can do to create change and stay open minded to new ideas that come your way. Give yourself a break when it comes to your shortcomings. Don’t try to create resolutions or goals that are based on other people’s expectations or social norms that we are expected to achieve. Leave your 2018 baggage behind and find fun and things that add to your quality of life.

Start Jazzercise for $0 in January, no joining fee and no first month’s class fees. Normal fees start in February 2019 and vary upon location. We have three locations in the Tampa Bay area, Lutz, South Tampa and Westchase. Go to

or call 800-348-4748 for class times.

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