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How to be a "Good Mom".

Tampa Bay Moms Group loves celebrating moms. Why? Because moms are amazing! I know because I am one!

Mothers are not hard to find but good ones are. I'm sure you've heard the saying:

But what makes a "good mom"? There are the basics like providing your children with food, shelter, an education, seeing to their health and medical needs. But let's go beyond that because a good mom always goes above and beyond. I feel like I'm a good mom. In fact there are days when I feel like I'm a great mom (of course there are days when I feel like I just can't get my crap together too). So while I am no expert I will say I do feel there are some things that any mom can do to be a good mom. In fact you probably already do several of these and in all likelihood you probably do things that make you a good mom that I could learn from.

What makes a good mom?

A good mom loves her children more then she knew it was possible to love anything. It doesn't matter how they came into her life, be it by birth, marriage, adoption... a Mom loves her kids.

A good mom breastfeeds, unless she can't or doesn't want to. Actually if you are feeding them regularly and not starving them and you and they are happy... you're doing good.

A good mom wears her baby and a good mom doesn't but they still give their kids lots of attention and contact even if they aren't strapped to their chest.

A good mom cloth diapers but a good mom also can use disposable. If you're kid is changed and clean... it really doesn't matter what you use, you are a good mom.

A good mom knows never to co-sleep unless she wants to and knows how to do it safely.

A good mom stays home with her kids. A good mom works to provide for her children and will use childcare. A good mom does what's best for her and her family.

A good mom can bake. She will stay up all night making homemade cupcakes decorated to perfection that are sugar free, gluten free and contain no artificial dyes, unless she hates baking and buys store bought cupcakes at the last minute without even checking the ingredients. A good mom may also totally forget to bring in cupcakes for the party or bake sale.

A good mom can make sure her kids go to school every day and arrive on time totally prepared and a good mom can let her kids stay home for mental health days or jut because she's exhausted or even just wants a day to snuggle and sometimes because she knows they didn't finish a project and need just one more day to work on it.

A good mom can make sure her kids homework gets done but forgets to sign the take home folder (every single night).

A good mom asks for a hug or kiss goodbye even when their kids don't want to give her one. Sometimes a good mom may steal them if they are not willingly offered.

A good mom keeps the house clean, or clean enough, or at least picks up before company gets there and sometimes a good mom just has more important things to do and just didn't get around to cleaning.

A good mom cooks every night except when she's tired or just really wants take out, or just didn't get around to doing dishes and there is nothing to cook with or eat on.

A good mom does laundry every day, and sometimes forgets about the load she put in the washer, and has to let things fluff in the dryer several times and still forgets about it and when she finally takes it out she may put in on a chair or table instead of putting it away. If you kids are wearing relatively clean clothes... you are a good mom.

A good mom sets boundaries for her kids and disciplines them and sometimes she let's the small stuff go because it's just not worth it.

A good mom makes sure her kids don't get too much screen time unless she just really needs a little time to herself and she knows that Disney Jr or the iPad will keep them quiet and really won't hurt them and then she may promise to limit screen time tomorrow.

A good mom puts her kids to bed at the correct time, and then gives one last story, one last drink of water, one last hug and kiss and realizes that bedtimes are really just a suggestion.

A good mom snuggles and some times a good mom just wants a little space (good moms don't have to be a jungle gym).

A good mom encourages her kids to do what they enjoy but doesn't force them to do things they don't want (unless it's good for them like eat broccoli, etc).

A good mom spends all her time with her kids or she may take lots of time for her significant other or herself. And a good mom may even feel guilty when her life isn't revolving around her kids but if she doesn't she is still a good mom.

A good mom knows she's not perfect. A good mom may feel like she is barely getting by. A good mom doubts herself, feels like a failure, is her own harshest critic and may even cry. A good mom can be any mom. Any mom who tries. Who does her best for her kids, her family and herself.

Oh, and a good mom should have a good sense of humor! This is pretty important.

So if you are a good mom we invite you to enjoy Mothers May on TBMG! Join in the conversations, comment on the posts, enter the giveaways, and know that we appreciate you!

What is something you do to be a good mom?

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