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Tampa Bay Moms Group is a collective effort of many parents from all walks of life joined by the bond of motherhood as well as by living in an amazing, beautiful and family friendly place. 

Because we celebrate all moms and caregivers we want to feature them and support and connect them so we are inviting anyone who is interested to become a Contributor to our Group.

Anyone can do this! It's as simple as sharing content with us. You can be an every day mom, influencer, blogger, processional or expert in your field, or business owner.  It's your chance to share a little bit of your life with our community of almost 20k local parents. 

There is no cost to be a contributor though some restrictions do apply. Learn more below. 

And if you are ready to become a part of the #TBMGMomsSquad email your content to   

Once you are ready to submit content please click here complete the form at this link so we have your contact info.


Please be aware that while by submitting content you confirm you have the rights to do so and agree to any and all liability and consequences arising from copyright issues should you submit any other entities copyrighted or intellectual property. Additionally by submitting content you agree to allow TBMG to post and share as they see fit to inspire a love of our community and the families in it! While we do make every effort to keep your content intact you do agree to allow us to edit to insure accuracy and to fit our tone.  We will never make major changes to your content and will notify you of any changes that would need to be made prior to publication.  You also understand that submission of content is not a guarantee of publication. We will notify you of any content we can not publish.  

  • How can my business or organization take part in this event?
    We do have a limited number of available exhibitor and sponsor spots open. We also have options to support the event even if you can't attend in person. Please email or to learn how you can be a part of this event.
  • Where is the Event being held?
    The event will be at the Bob Sierra YMCA's Youth and Family Center. The address is 4015 Ragg Rd, Tampa Fl 33624 Please note this is the YMCA's annex location to the north of the main YMCA. See the Map Below.
  • When is the event?
    The EVent is March 28th with 3 different time windows. General FREE Admission for the Event is 12pm to 3pm. No entry for General Admission will be permitted before 12 or after 3. VIP Tickets allow admission to the Drive-thru at 11am to 12pm (for VIP Gold) OR 3pm to 4pm (for VIP Silver). VIP Gold tickets also allow priority access during regular hours of 12pm to 3pm. All VIP Tickets also include Access to the Youth & Family Center Pool and Splash Pad, Kids Egg Hunt with a Basket and Eggs, VIP Swag Bag & More.
  • Do I need a Ticket?
    The Event is FREE for General Admission. VIP TICKET SALES HAVE NOT STARTED JUST YET! You do not need a ticket but we ask you get one to help insure an accurate count for planning. No general admission is permitted before 12 or after 3. If you would like to enjoy the perks of the VIP Ticket that include a private hour either before or after the event to the the Drive-thru, priority entrance during the event (VIP Gold TIcket Only), Admission to the YMCA's Pool and Splashpad, a private and socially distant egg hunt with a basket and special prizes, a VIP Swag Bag, special giveaways and more you can purchase those. VIP Gold 11am-12pm is $30 VIP Silver 3pm to 4pm is $15 All VIP passes cover 2 adults and 1 child for entrance into the pool and egg hunt. Additional Childrens tickets are $5 each and give admission to the pool and entry to the egg hunt.
  • Whatis the differene in the General Admission TIcket and a VIP Tickets?
    General Admission is free. VIP Gold is $30 VIP Silver is $15 Child Ticket for additional children $5 What does each ticket give you? General Admission Free You get access to the Drive-thru only. You will gain first come, first serve access to 30+ vendors, sponsors and exhibits, many of which will have interactive booths, giveaways, swag and shopping opportunities. You can order from our food trucks. You will have a chance to see the Easter Bunny, Star Wars Characters, Princesses and more (who will be rotating throughout the day.) You can enter giveaways. You can also participate in a Drive by Egg Huntt! Bring one basket per car and spot special egg pictures throughout the event at booths. When you find them tell the booth and get a special stuffed egg. Some eggs have toys, some have raffle tickets, others have gift certificates to local businsses and attractions! This ticket gives you everything from General Admission AND Admission for 2 adults and 1 Child to the YMCA Youth & Family Center Pool & Splash Pad until 5pm Entry for 1 Child into our Socially Distant Egg Hunt where the child will get 1 Easter Basket to collect 5 prize filled Eggs in. Some eggs have special prizes! You will get a special VIP Swag Bag And More! VIP Gold Ticket from 11am to 12pm $30 This ticket gives you Everything in the General Admission Ticket & the VIP Silver Ticket AND Priority access to the Drive-Thru until 3pm so if you arrive late you can still bypass the general admission line! The big difference in the Silver & Gold VIP pass is the Gold VIP pass allows access earlier to the Pool facilities so more time to enjoy those ameneities and it also gives you the ability to come at any time and bypass the general admission line.
  • Can I stop the car to visit with vendors or get out of my vehicle?
    You should idle through the event and limit any stopping to just a couple minutes and only if neccessary. Any vendors in which you must pick up items will be placed so you may park on the opposite (west) side of the TMCA building and walk over or have designated stopping spots. There should be NO STOPPING OR PARKING in the drive-thru line. DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE IN THE DRIVE-THRU! It is a danger to our vendors and preformers and also creates a long wait and other issues.
  • How long should I expect to wait to enter the event? Or to go through the Drive-thru?
    This is truly impossible to know. Last event the highest wait time to enter was 40 minutes, others reported waits of less than 15 minutes being the average. Because we can not know or really control this we have taken some precautions to help make the wait less and keep things moving. We believe you can visit and enjoy the drive-thru at a moving but leisurley pace in under 30 minutes. Unfortunately back ups and delays can happen so we ask all guests to keep moving (under 5mph) and to limit stopping when able. And to be very aware of other vehicles and follow the right of way. Hillsborough County Sheriffs will be on site to help direct traffic. We have added special VIP Hours (tickets are available to purchase) and no general admission will be allowed in prior to 12pm or after 3pm. We will have all exhibitors helping to keep things moving by not allowing stopping for extended amounts of time. We will have additional parking on the opposite side of the facility away from the drive-thru should it be neccessary. We stongly suggest you have enough gas and and empty bladders just to be on the safe side!
  • Can I go inside the YMCA or Use the Pool?
    The YMCA will be closed to all guests who do not have a VIP Ticket. VIPs will be able to use the pool, splashpad and facilities starting at 11am for Gold VIPs and 3pm for Silver VIPs. All VIP guests must leave the facility by 5pm.
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