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What You Need To Know Before Starting a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling an entire home is overwhelming. So, you might tell yourself to start with one room at a time—and most of the time, homeowners go with the kitchen first. However, if this is your first time doing any sort of home renovation, you might already feel stressed. Not to worry! Here’s what you need to know before starting a kitchen remodel.

Create a Vision

You’ve been thinking about this remodel for a while now. There is a vision already in your head. Get it out on paper. You don’t need to necessarily sketch everything but write down a few notes. If there is no vision in mind just yet, start looking through magazines and the latest kitchen models.

Survey your kitchen now and see what the problem areas are. Keep in mind that eventually, you might need to do the entire home. So, if there is a vision for the house, make sure the kitchen will match those future improvements.

Separate Wants and Needs

There are wants—and then there are needs. Not everything in your vision needs to come true. Separate the two; this might be a difficult task, but you can make it easier by observing how the kitchen functions. Doing this observation will also help you figure out which area to tackle first.

Ask yourself, what equipment do you use the most? What needs better or easier accessibility for you and your family members? You’ll come up with better designs and options by taking this approach. After you settle the needs, take a look at the wants, and see if you can incorporate those down the line.

Create a Checklist

Going into a remodel without a checklist is a fast way to drive yourself insane. The checklist keeps you organized and on task with what things you need to get done. Some homeowners often make the mistake of hiring a contractor and thinking that is all the work they need to get done.

This a false narrative. The contractors really only handle the remodel. There are still several other things a homeowner needs to do on their own.

For example, a remodel means a lot of leftover drywall and debris you need to dispose of. This is a project suitable for a 10-yard dumpster rental, and the homeowner is in charge of that. Start a checklist of what you think you need and ask others for tips you may not know about.

Find a Contractor

Finding a good contractor is tricky. You want someone who will give you a good deal, but you also don’t want to hire someone who cuts corners and does only half the job. Ask neighbors, friends, and family members if they have any quality referrals.

Make this process like an interview. Schedule appointments with these contractors to see their previous work and ask what areas they are experts in. Tell them your vision and see if they have ideas to enhance it. Find one that works with your budget but also one that stays honest.

Stay ahead of the game and the stress by keeping yourself well informed with everything you need to know before starting a kitchen remodel.


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