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What To Do To Help You Conserve Water Around the House

Long showers are relaxing, but your pocketbook and the environment suffer with every minute you treat yourself. Water conservation is important for your neighborhood and your bills. Droughts are expected in at least 40 states by 2024, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Here is what you can do to help conserve water around the house.

Keep Tabs on Running Water

If you're brushing your teeth or washing your hands, don't leave the faucet on. You've probably heard this before. Also, try to reduce the time you spend waiting for the water to heat up. Similarly, stay away from extended showers. Showers should be kept to a max of 10 to 15 minutes to avoid wasting too much water.

Ensure That You Prioritize Leaks

Keep an eye out for leaking taps, trickling shower heads, rusted pipes, and other symptoms of water damage. To prevent wasting any more water, find the source of the leak and fix it right away. If your water bill is too high for how much water you use, you may consider hiring a plumber to investigate your main water line.

Keep Your Toilet From Running

One of the best ways to help you conserve water around the house is to keep your toilet from running. If your toilet is frequently running, it's time to replace the flapper. To empty the tank, turn off the water supply and flush. Replace the defective flapper by unhooking it from the tank's base and chain and replacing it with a new one. Reconnect the water, and you're done. If none of these are successful, it might be time to consider replacing your old toilet with one that is more efficient.

Set Your Sprinkler Timer To Go Off in the Morning

The best time to water your grass is in the morning. Because this method reduces quick evaporation due to the heat of the day, less water is needed to adequately cover the lawn. Instead of watering the street or the back of the building with wayward sprinklers, set them to face the grass and plants correctly.

After you start conserving water efficiently. You should notice that your water bill will go drastically down. Keep up the good work and you will enjoy much lower water bills for years to come!


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