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The Tesalate Towel is by far the best towel I've ever used!

I am officially in love with a towel! Full disclosure, I was offered the opportunity to select a Tesalate towel in exchange for my honest review. No big deal. It's a towel, so as long as it dries what is there to lose? This is so much more than a towel to dry off with! My expectations were blown out of the water!

Tesalate offers three types of towels, all of which come in a huge variety of patterns. There's the standard Beach Towel (63 x 31 inches) , the Towel for Two (which as you'd guess is a double the size of the beach towel at 63 x 63 inches) and a Work Out Towel (39 x 18 inches). I opted for the Towel for Two in the pattern Cool and Calm. I loved the beachy boho colors. As my teen said when she stole it away... It's such a vibe.

Marketed to be be sand free and super absorbent... I feel like we really put this towel to the test and it passed with flying colors. We used it all day from boat to beach and back home poolside and it was amazing. Plus the extra large towel meant it was more versatile for my big family.

It's supposed to be sand free meaning sand won't stick to it. I've heard that before and been disappointed so I was more than surprised at how true it was. Sand simply didn't stick! Even damp sand flew off with a few shakes. I was nervous to set it in the sand but after one of the boys used it to wipe sand off him and we saw how true the sand free label was I wasn't worried. It was so free of sand I had no issue wrapping up in it to dry off. Something you can't do with a regular towel that's had a preschooler wipe off with it unless you want gritty.

Another benefit was the absorbency. I didn't expect this from the feel of the towel to be honest. This is not a plush towel. It's smooth, the feel almost felt like suede or a microfiber. It feels nice but nothing like any towel I've ever used. The fact that it dried me and the girls off was shocking. Better than that though, was how fast it dried!

After the beach heading back in, the kids were worn out and as usual they started to fall asleep on the boat. One of the boys decided to wrap up in the towel and use it as a blanket.

He's sensitive to textures. He's not one to like the feel of dirt on him and still he was comfy, cozy and knocked out the rest of the way in.

After we got back to the dock and headed home we went for a swim.

The Girls loved laying the towel out pool side on the pavers and not having to worry about sand or anything sticking to it. It's was more than enough pace for two.

This towel can be used for just about anything from drying off to laying on and wrapping up in.

As per the usual in my house when it was time to get out no one had brought any towels outside with them but we did have the Tesalate.

As I ran in to get towels for everyone else the girls argued over who would get to use the Tesalate towel.

In the end they shared. It's a towel for two after all!

I adore this towel. The Tesalate Towel for Two is absolutely the way to go when it comes to towels. And it folds up so small it's a breeze to transport!

The high-performance AbsorbLite™ fabric, delivered sand-free, ultra-absorbent, super-compact and rapid-dry tech for simply better beach days.

It's perfect for a day by the pool or even to spread out and enjoy a picnic at the park.

Now, I don't think you can go wrong with a Tesalate towel no matter what size you choose, but for us, the double is a winner.

The size alone gives it so many more applications for a family. I truly encourage everyone to give this towel a try. This towel was our first but it will not be our last!

And being a Florida Family I think it's an essential for outdoor families on the go and also a great gift idea for beach lovers!

You can purchase the Tesalate Towel at

They also offer free shipping and free returns!

If you try it or have one already I'd love to hear your thoughts and find out if you love it as much as I do!


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