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Safe Beauty Treatments To Do During Pregnancy

Expecting mothers take precautions on many things, from changing their diets to using prenatal safe skin products. Although these changes are good for you and the baby, some normalcy is a nice change. It’s no secret that women enjoy beauty treatments, and pregnancy shouldn’t stop some of your favorite treatments. If you’re wondering about some safe beauty treatments to do during pregnancy, check out our list below.


Manicures are safe to get during your pregnancy. However, nail polish contains chemical compounds that give off a strong smell that expecting mothers may find irritating. Before booking your manicure appointment, ensure the salon is well ventilated or sit by an open window. Ventilated areas combat nauseating smells.


During pregnancy, many women experience a change in their skin. Dryness, puffiness, and breakouts are common pregnancy skin issues. Luckily, expecting mothers can get facials. Basic treatments such as cleansing facials and mild masks are fine. However, avoid harsh treatments that use electrical currents, like laser therapies and chemical peels. When booking a facial appointment, inform the esthetician about your pregnancy to ensure they use safe products.

Lash Lifting

When it comes to pregnancy and lash lifts, receiving treatment is fine after the first trimester. After 13 weeks of pregnancy, expecting mothers can get lash lifts, but it takes careful planning. We recommend talking to your lash tech before getting this procedure because some women experience hair loss during pregnancy, including in their eyelashes. Lash techs can recommend lifting methods and handle your eyelashes with extra care.


Depending on your trimester, muscle pains and backaches become frequent. Prenatal massages during pregnancy not only relax expecting mothers but reduce muscle and joint pain. It’s critical to let your masseuse know about your pregnancy, so they can avoid putting pressure on specific points. Some massage parlors offer specialty tables that have indentations and support for bellies.


Expecting mothers can get waxing treatments during pregnancy. Extra hair growth is common; therefore, many pregnant women choose to get waxed often. We recommend going to a reputable and licensed esthetician for all services. Your skin is more sensitive while pregnant, so waxing treatments may hurt more. It’s also important to note that expecting mothers should avoid lying flat on their back after 16 to 20 weeks.

Many changes come with pregnancy. Expecting mothers switch diets and products throughout their pregnancy. Although many things are different, some things can stay the same. Expecting mothers can partake in some of their favorite beauty treatments. If you need a refresher or want to know about these treatments, refer to our list of safe beauty treatments to do during pregnancy.


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