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Reasons Why Backyard Chickens Make Great Family Pets

The idea of owning backyard chickens to serve as the family pet might seem outlandish. But it’s actually much more common than you might think. Like other pets, chickens have their own funny personalities that you come to love. What's more, they also provide a plethora of learning opportunities for your kids regarding the importance of responsibility. You might consider backyard chickens for your family pets because there are so many reasons to love these animals.

They’re Easy To Manage

Owning three to six birds might seem like significantly more work than one house pet, but chickens are quite easy to manage. Your chickens’ needs will be very basic. They’ll require fresh water, food, some supplements, and a spacious area to live in. As such, chickens are very low-maintenance and cost-effective animals in terms of care. The only thing you really need to worry about is protecting your chickens from predators. Even if you live in a residential area, your chickens can still be the targets of foxes, raccoons, and other predators.

They Offer Learning Opportunities

Teaching children the importance of responsibility and obligation can be one of the more challenging life lessons parents try to convey. That is another reason why backyard chickens make great family pets, as they provide an immersive learning experience for your kids.

Chickens can teach your kids about the circle of life, the importance of caring for others and sharing, and the value of hard work. Moreover, chickens provide ample opportunities for your kids to keep busy and stay in the moment rather than spending all their time watching TV or looking at social media.

They Help Your Garden

If you have a garden that looks a little worse for wear, you’ll feel pleased to know that chickens can greatly benefit your gardening. Your chickens can help you by eating overgrown weeds and garden pests you just can't get rid of. Moreover, they can also provide high-quality compost and manure that your plants will love.


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