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How To Thank Your Child’s Teacher for Being Awesome

From inspiring students to care about their education to keeping kids out of our hair for a few hours a day, teachers seem to do it all. However, the last few years have presented teachers with intense struggles and left many to give up on the work they’re most passionate about. It’s crucial that we do what we can to support our teachers as they strive to teach the next generation. Here are some ideas on how to thank your child’s teacher for being awesome.

Start With Practical Gifts

Let’s be honest: a practical gift never hurts. Teachers spend a surprising amount of their paycheck creating an effective learning environment, designing fun projects, and taking care of basic supplies. If you want to show your child’s teacher just how much you appreciate their work, consider covering some of the cost.

You can buy a gift card to the grocery store or a local coffee shop to help your child’s teacher make up for income spent on classroom supplies. You can also go above and beyond when covering the class supply list by doubling up on items at the beginning of the year. That way, the classroom has plenty of pencils and erasers to go around!

Make It Personal

Another way to say thank you is to go for a gift that makes your child’s teacher feel seen. Personalized gifts always mean more and teachers will appreciate the extra effort to give a customized gift that’s undeniably theirs. Including an engraved name or message also ensures that items like desk plates, mugs, or keychains don’t “walk off” into another classroom or a student’s backpack.

Just Say It

Whether you’re considering getting a gift or not, the easiest way to thank your child’s teacher for being awesome is to just say, “Thank you!” You can send an email, have your child deliver a card, or even consider calling the office administration to pass on some kudos. Unfortunately, today’s teachers face a lot of complaints and questions. Your words of kindness are always a welcome change of pace for the people trying their hardest to help your child succeed.


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